Saturday, July 16, 2011

'G-Spot 2 Pride: The 1st Deadly Sin' by Noire

‘G-Spot’, to this day is my absolute favorite Noire book.  Hands down, no contest, end of story.  That book was so brutal, so raw, so real, and so sexual that there are still passages that I read to this day.  When I heard ‘G-Spot 2’ was coming out I (of course) got really happy.  When I heard it was going to be a serial novel, my excitement waned a bit.  Pulling off a serial novel is HARD.  You have to keep the reader drawn in with much fewer pages over a longer period of time, and that has proven to be the Achilles’ heel for a number of authors. It’s been said that writing a short story is infinitely harder than writing a full length novel, and there is definite truth in that.

Noire tries to follow up ‘G-Spot’ a FULL fledged in-your-face novel with a snippet… and it just didn’t work.  I understand why authors are doing the .99 e-book thing now, but I wish they wouldn’t and just put out a full book instead of cutting it up.  Unless your work STARTED as a serial novel, it shouldn’t progress toward a serial novel.  Now, I did enjoy this story but not with the same zeal that I did the first one.  Something was missing.  And that something was… the rest of the damn story.  Oh I know I’m going to catch hell over saying that, especially since I went in knowing that it was a short story to begin with!  But understand where I’m coming from… ‘G-Spot’ is easily in my Top 10 erotic novels and then to read a midget version of part 2.  Ummmm no.  

What I’m going to do is wait until Noire publishes ALL the serial novels in this series because then I’ll have everything and not snippets.  Yes, I still plan to buy and read each installment because I still think Noire can write.  It was just tough to go from slow dancing with Toni Braxton to slow dancing with my high school P.E. teacher.  


  1. I havent read any of The G-Spot books.. - Nice review...

  2. That was a great review Jason. You have a unique writing style that I love. Nobody can read one of your reviews and say that you didn't read the book.