Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'The Vault' by Boyd Morrison

The book I read before this one was about a group of vampires putting out a hit on Jesus.  This book was about the search for King Midas’s gold.  I had to laugh for a minute because I had to think how to answer the question “So… what are you reading”? and do it with a straight face?  Well… not sure how I’ll do it but I will.  I have read all of Boy’s books and have enjoyed every single one.  ‘The Vault’ continues Boy’s track record of writing the cliff-hanging “hidden secrets thrillers”.

Tyler Locke, our man from ‘The Ark returns and he’s the pawn in a terrorist’s game to find the tomb of King Midas.  Yes, THAT King Midas.  You know; the guy with the golden touch, Mr. Greedy fingers, “I can’t eat anything but at least I know what a golden buffalo wing looks like.”  That guy.  A guy named Orr has proof that the myth is real and he would like Tyler to volunteer for the job.  Of course that doesn’t happen so he does the next best thing.  He blackmails him.  And for good measure he also blackmails another person, a woman, to help Locke.  The expertise of Stacy and Tyler are needed to decipher a puzzle written by Archimedes, the Greek mathematical/engineering genius.  Good luck with that. 

Just like with ‘The Ark’, Boyd takes a very common story and puts a twist on it that will give you pause.  With ‘The Vault’ he takes what we believe in the myth of King Midas and laughs.  I love a storyteller that can do that, and do it well.  You’ll fly through this latest adventure with the speed of a Lamborghini.  Why a Lamborghini?  Because of a scene in this book.  I’m usually not a car chase guy or a sports car guy but the one in this book was awesome!  Especially when you read about the Porche… send me an e-mail if you don’t chuckle.

Boyd takes everything you know about this popular myth, twists it, throws in some modern science, ancient science, bad guys that will rupture your ulcer, and enough suspense to cause insomnia.  I saw somewhere that this book was placed under a “Summer Reading” sign.  Um, no.  The only time a book like this would be a “summer read” is if you read it while jumping out of a place in the middle of July.  While it’s in orbit. If you do that then maybe, just maybe, your adrenaline rush will match that of this book.  


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