Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'61 A.D.' by David McAfee

So, there I was a few days ago strolling through FaceBook doing… well… FaceBook stuff.  I see a post from David saying something like “and another review for my book goes up on Amazon”.  Whhhhat?  The title was (obviously) ’61 A.D.’ and my brain was still trying to catch up to the fact that there was a sequel to ’33 A.D.’  ’33 A.D.’ was a come-out-of-left-field-book that I ran across and was immediately taken with it.  Matter of fact I’m STILL talking about it.  After I saw the post it took me (and I am SO not joking) less than 4 minutes to find it, buy it, and download it.  I would call this an impulse buy but an impulse is too long a time to describe what I did.

This book brought two of my favorite genres and merged them in one.  1. Rome and 2. Blood, gore, and pain.  This story picks up about thirty years after Taras is turned by the renegade Theron.  There is a lot going on with this installment but the main parallel story is Boudica.  Yep, her.  In ’33 A.D.’ we hear about the vampires who put a hit out on Jesus, in ’61 A.D.’ these delusional vampires run into Boudica.  I’m not quite sure who to feel sorry for.  We all know what happens to Boudica and her daughters at the hands and knees of the Roman soldiers.  What you have not read is this author’s take on it. 

On the flip side there is dissent within the ‘Council of 13’ and it seems as if everyone is hunting and killing everyone else.  One big bloody, lusty, murderous, rapacious romp!  I enjoy reading David because he writes vampires the way they ought to be written.  He also writes stories the way they ought to be written.  Now… on to the next one…

Friday, August 26, 2011

'Erotic Snapshot' Vol. 3 - Anna J.

Anna J. continues here scorching “Erotic Snapshots” series with installment #3.  The authors contributing this time are; Kimber Lee, N’Tyse, Tawana Patrice, and La Jill Hunt.  Four erotic short stories total.

Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch, ‘Motel Lover’s’ by N’Tyse.  I started this story and as I was reading it I thought, “did I miss something”?  As I kept reading certain things started to show and I was like “you gotta be kidding me”!  What kind of freaky, nasty, crazy, demented, sexual perversion is this?!  Of course I couldn’t stop myself from reading it.  Michelle is a nymphomaniac who has no problem getting her needs met.  What threw me was HOW she went about doing it… and in who’s company.

‘The Package’ by Tawana Patrice is just plain freaking hot!  It seems Anna J. has a knack for picking authors who love to throw in a little misdirection.  That or I’m just being a man.  It wasn’t until about page 3 that I realized (no spoilers) that the UPS driver was not who I thought.  When I found out… :-)  One of the things that I enjoyed most about this short story was the vision of the lady in a towel.  The UPS driver and the towel lady from heaven proceed to have a sexual tryst that would make Aphrodite blush.  Twice.  I also enjoyed the fantasy that this story invoked; unfortunately it will only be a fantasy because the only thing my UPS driver brings ME is other people’s packages.

‘Playing Time’ by La Jill Hunt is more of a story with a sexual episode.  Entertaining yes, but not as saturated with lust as the others.  This one did make me laugh, however, because of Jodie.  You know how people say “I’m going to give that person a piece of my mind”?  Well Jodie does give the coach a piece… but it aint her mind. 

‘Coffee with Cream’ by Kimber Lee what I liked about this story was how the anticipation of sex can get rid of all inhibitions.  I also loved how the author wrote in that Summer, the main character, undid a pin and let her hair down.  Such a small “throw-away” action that is almost as erotic as slowly stripping off a silk nightgown… shoulder strap by shoulder strap.  One slight problem though at the end;  I don’t know if I downloaded a bad copy (doubtful) but the second to the last paragraph left me hanging for real.  It almost seemed like there is a small passage missing.  I understand the last paragraph in this story but the one before it felt a little out of place.

I did enjoy this next installment of the “Erotic Snapshots” series despite the slight hiccups.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

'Hero of Rome' by Douglas Jackson

This is my third Douglas Jackson book.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal… until I tell you that I’ve read his books almost back-to-back-to-back.  And would have read the next one except it has yet to be released.  (On a side note, I just checked Amazon tonight and the Kindle e-book version IS available now, HA!).  You need not have read ‘Caligula’ or ‘Claudius’ in order to enjoy ‘Hero of Rome’, but it was a nice surprise to see mentions of the previous two sprinkled in this one.  It was like finding a golden nugget in an already full pot of gold. 

I was enjoying this book from jump street but I REALLY got into it at the end.  Oh yeah… if you love Roman battles then you’ll love the one in here.  How they get to that point is fascinating but the ending is ‘bloody’ awesome.  As others have stated, we get to read about Rome’s favorite Celtic bitch, Boudicca.  The stunning red head with the temper and means to shove a good one straight up Rome’s arse. 

Gaius Valerius Verrens is the main character in this one, however, I must say that my favorite was Crespo.  Now once you read it you’ll wonder what kind of medication I’m on because Crespo is just bad news.  No wait… he’s the bad news that bad news reads while waiting on bad news.  He does things in this story that would make Satan blush, but I liked him because of that very reason.

This is a great Rome book through and through.  From the legionaries, to the prissy Tribunes, to the gore/blood/bone, to the endless paradox of her politics and allies; ‘Hero of Rome’ is what you look for in a historical-fiction story.  To say I’m looking forward to reading ‘Defender of Rome’ would be the dumbest understatement of the year, so I won’t say it.  Sed pro Romanis.


Friday, August 12, 2011

'Can't Help The Way That I Feel' - Lori Bryant-Woolridge (Editor)

There are fifteen short erotic short stories in this collection and I liked about three of them.  Now I’m not the authority on erotic short stories but I know what I like and this collection didn’t do it for me.  Usually when I read erotic collections I trade places with the characters in the stories.  I didn’t do that this time because I didn’t want to be any of the characters.  These stories were fun but what I really like about sexual anthologies is the fact that I’ll go back and re-read the stories.  Aside from the three or so stories that I liked, I don’t think I’ll do that with this one.

So which stories did I like? 

‘Lead Me Into Temptation: Shaved By The Belle’ – It’s one of the shorter ones but they should have started this book with this one instead of ending it.  The beginning will have you howling laughing, the middle will plant the seeds of arousal, and the ending will leave you horny.  This was my favorite, favorite, favorite!!  Not only because of the sexuality but rather because of how funny It started.  Laughter in this case is  a VERY power aphrodisiac.    

‘Tandem’  - is a fantasy that will make you reach for a phone book and search for “massage”.
Tilt-A-Thrill’ – A sexy grandma getting her thrills on an amusement park ride.  The way Noori wrote this was EXTREMELY erotic.  How happy was I to find out that the end of the ride 
wasn’t the end of the story…

The three of these stories made up for what I felt was missing with the others.  Again, the other stories weren’t bad but within the context of the entire collection, I was left wanting.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Raunchy' by T. Styles

This book has been on my book wishlist since its debut.  So why haven’t I read it until now?  None of your damn business!  Now, on to the review…

DO NOT read this book if you can’t handle real grime, real dirty-dirty, and situations so bad they would make Precious jealous.  I heard through the book grapevine that this story was pretty grimy and filthy, but even after hearing that I still wasn’t ready for some of the stuff I read.  Seriously, if you have any qualms about the seven deadly sins then skip this book.  Not only does Harmony spit in the face of the seven deadly sins, she creates about four more. 

Harmony has had a rough childhood.  No, I don’t mean some “I got beat up afterschool” rough.  I mean a “seen two murders and getting raped on a daily basis by family” rough.   See?  And you thought I was joking when I said this ish was grimy.  To go what she went through shouldn’t be called abuse, that’s too nice of a word to describe it.  And the only other word I can think of is used by only one other person.  Satan.  The worst part about her situation is that this cycle doesn’t stop and, in Harmony’s case, it actually gets worse. 

Nothing is off limits to Harmony.  She’ll do anything, anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  There isn’t one good person in this woman’s life and like that STD she carries around, it slowly eats at away at her very core.  Even the relationships she has (drug dealers of course) are sad, depressing, and full of depravity.  There is plenty of hard core drama in this story to keep your nose buried.  But remember, you’ll be reading a car wreck.  A car wreck strewn with bodies, hurt, and suffering.

The first part of this book is told within a good time frame, but the second half jumps years in between a number of chapters.  Also, there were a few issues I had with this one.  There were more than a few situations that left you saying “aint no way in hell”.  Not just to the point of suspending belief but rather to the point of ‘that’s impossible’.  I don’t think it took away from the story but it was really strange to do a double take on paragraph.  There is one BIG, GINORMOUS twist that will leave your jaw hanging but you’ll quickly recover after a moment because you’ll be like “oh yeah right”.  It almost seemed like that last third of the book was rushed. 

Despite those things, I still really enjoyed this book.  But I need a break before I read #2 because this one was… damn… just damn.  


'Anna J Presents: Erotic Snapshots Vol. 2'

I told myself that: 1. I was going to get this e-book to read before I went to bed and, 2. I wouldn’t read it in one sitting.  Yeah, good luck with that Jason.  I think I would have better luck trying to get Fantasia a PHD in education.  (just kidding Fantasia, you know I love you).  Anna J and crew follow up #1 with as equally as erotic #2.  Dwayne starts us off with a lusty masquerade (“paper faces on parade”) that has nothing to do with the Phantom… save the sexual high notes that this vixen is forced to hit. 

T. Real follows with a story about a blind date that I’m sure that we ALL wish we had.  While I enjoyed this story, the part that really pushed me over the edge was when Myeisha begged Marcus to grab something.  I’m not going to spoil it and say what it was, but T. Real could have written those two sentences alone and called it a story and I would have been happy.

Treasure closes this collection out with my favorite, ‘Boy Candy’.  I couldn’t STAND Jasmine!  Talk about ghetto-ungrateful!  This one had some pretty crazy drama and a disturbing sex scene near the end that might make some cringe.  I did, but it went well with the story and I almost felt bad… almost. 

Again, credit to Anna J. and credit to the authors putting it down.

Friday, August 5, 2011

'Claudius' by Douglas Jackson

Oh yeah.  THIS is the story I was waiting on!  While I did enjoy book #1 (Caligula) I REALLY liked this one.  Why?  I think this one has more action and less “the elephant whispers”.  Not that I don’t like Bersheba but I want the death, blood, torture, and gore!  To be fair, both books have that but this one has more of it.  ‘Claudius’ picks up three/four years after ‘Caligula’ and Rome is going back after Britain.  Rufus has had the (mis)fortune of being too good at what he does and has been rewarded with an honorary Praetorian commission… with all the hardships and extra hardships that come with it.

‘Claudius’ is a true Roman novel in every way.  From the battles with more blood than an exploding vampire, to the graphic descriptions of dismemberment, to the maze of Roman politics, Douglas continues one hell of a tale.  Narcissus is the puppet master, Claudius is the lead actor, and Rufus is the bit player.  Not because he’s isn’t  important, but rather because he and his elephant are at the Emperor’s bidding.  And since being the Emperor of Rome means you have to have some sort of serious mental disorder, Claudius wants “his” elephant to fight against the Britain’s. 

Unfortunately the Britain’s will not go quietly; Julius Caesar was witness to that.  So Rome and her ego, I mean Emperor, plan another slaughter.  I enjoy reading about the plights of the other side and Caratacus and his people provide the perfect fodder.

 Rome wasn’t the only nation that had honor and they weren’t the only nation to bathe in blood.  Both sides prepare… and the gods wait.