Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'61 A.D.' by David McAfee

So, there I was a few days ago strolling through FaceBook doing… well… FaceBook stuff.  I see a post from David saying something like “and another review for my book goes up on Amazon”.  Whhhhat?  The title was (obviously) ’61 A.D.’ and my brain was still trying to catch up to the fact that there was a sequel to ’33 A.D.’  ’33 A.D.’ was a come-out-of-left-field-book that I ran across and was immediately taken with it.  Matter of fact I’m STILL talking about it.  After I saw the post it took me (and I am SO not joking) less than 4 minutes to find it, buy it, and download it.  I would call this an impulse buy but an impulse is too long a time to describe what I did.

This book brought two of my favorite genres and merged them in one.  1. Rome and 2. Blood, gore, and pain.  This story picks up about thirty years after Taras is turned by the renegade Theron.  There is a lot going on with this installment but the main parallel story is Boudica.  Yep, her.  In ’33 A.D.’ we hear about the vampires who put a hit out on Jesus, in ’61 A.D.’ these delusional vampires run into Boudica.  I’m not quite sure who to feel sorry for.  We all know what happens to Boudica and her daughters at the hands and knees of the Roman soldiers.  What you have not read is this author’s take on it. 

On the flip side there is dissent within the ‘Council of 13’ and it seems as if everyone is hunting and killing everyone else.  One big bloody, lusty, murderous, rapacious romp!  I enjoy reading David because he writes vampires the way they ought to be written.  He also writes stories the way they ought to be written.  Now… on to the next one…

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