Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Anna J Presents: Erotic Snapshots Vol. 2'

I told myself that: 1. I was going to get this e-book to read before I went to bed and, 2. I wouldn’t read it in one sitting.  Yeah, good luck with that Jason.  I think I would have better luck trying to get Fantasia a PHD in education.  (just kidding Fantasia, you know I love you).  Anna J and crew follow up #1 with as equally as erotic #2.  Dwayne starts us off with a lusty masquerade (“paper faces on parade”) that has nothing to do with the Phantom… save the sexual high notes that this vixen is forced to hit. 

T. Real follows with a story about a blind date that I’m sure that we ALL wish we had.  While I enjoyed this story, the part that really pushed me over the edge was when Myeisha begged Marcus to grab something.  I’m not going to spoil it and say what it was, but T. Real could have written those two sentences alone and called it a story and I would have been happy.

Treasure closes this collection out with my favorite, ‘Boy Candy’.  I couldn’t STAND Jasmine!  Talk about ghetto-ungrateful!  This one had some pretty crazy drama and a disturbing sex scene near the end that might make some cringe.  I did, but it went well with the story and I almost felt bad… almost. 

Again, credit to Anna J. and credit to the authors putting it down.

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