Friday, August 12, 2011

'Can't Help The Way That I Feel' - Lori Bryant-Woolridge (Editor)

There are fifteen short erotic short stories in this collection and I liked about three of them.  Now I’m not the authority on erotic short stories but I know what I like and this collection didn’t do it for me.  Usually when I read erotic collections I trade places with the characters in the stories.  I didn’t do that this time because I didn’t want to be any of the characters.  These stories were fun but what I really like about sexual anthologies is the fact that I’ll go back and re-read the stories.  Aside from the three or so stories that I liked, I don’t think I’ll do that with this one.

So which stories did I like? 

‘Lead Me Into Temptation: Shaved By The Belle’ – It’s one of the shorter ones but they should have started this book with this one instead of ending it.  The beginning will have you howling laughing, the middle will plant the seeds of arousal, and the ending will leave you horny.  This was my favorite, favorite, favorite!!  Not only because of the sexuality but rather because of how funny It started.  Laughter in this case is  a VERY power aphrodisiac.    

‘Tandem’  - is a fantasy that will make you reach for a phone book and search for “massage”.
Tilt-A-Thrill’ – A sexy grandma getting her thrills on an amusement park ride.  The way Noori wrote this was EXTREMELY erotic.  How happy was I to find out that the end of the ride 
wasn’t the end of the story…

The three of these stories made up for what I felt was missing with the others.  Again, the other stories weren’t bad but within the context of the entire collection, I was left wanting.

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