Friday, August 26, 2011

'Erotic Snapshot' Vol. 3 - Anna J.

Anna J. continues here scorching “Erotic Snapshots” series with installment #3.  The authors contributing this time are; Kimber Lee, N’Tyse, Tawana Patrice, and La Jill Hunt.  Four erotic short stories total.

Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch, ‘Motel Lover’s’ by N’Tyse.  I started this story and as I was reading it I thought, “did I miss something”?  As I kept reading certain things started to show and I was like “you gotta be kidding me”!  What kind of freaky, nasty, crazy, demented, sexual perversion is this?!  Of course I couldn’t stop myself from reading it.  Michelle is a nymphomaniac who has no problem getting her needs met.  What threw me was HOW she went about doing it… and in who’s company.

‘The Package’ by Tawana Patrice is just plain freaking hot!  It seems Anna J. has a knack for picking authors who love to throw in a little misdirection.  That or I’m just being a man.  It wasn’t until about page 3 that I realized (no spoilers) that the UPS driver was not who I thought.  When I found out… :-)  One of the things that I enjoyed most about this short story was the vision of the lady in a towel.  The UPS driver and the towel lady from heaven proceed to have a sexual tryst that would make Aphrodite blush.  Twice.  I also enjoyed the fantasy that this story invoked; unfortunately it will only be a fantasy because the only thing my UPS driver brings ME is other people’s packages.

‘Playing Time’ by La Jill Hunt is more of a story with a sexual episode.  Entertaining yes, but not as saturated with lust as the others.  This one did make me laugh, however, because of Jodie.  You know how people say “I’m going to give that person a piece of my mind”?  Well Jodie does give the coach a piece… but it aint her mind. 

‘Coffee with Cream’ by Kimber Lee what I liked about this story was how the anticipation of sex can get rid of all inhibitions.  I also loved how the author wrote in that Summer, the main character, undid a pin and let her hair down.  Such a small “throw-away” action that is almost as erotic as slowly stripping off a silk nightgown… shoulder strap by shoulder strap.  One slight problem though at the end;  I don’t know if I downloaded a bad copy (doubtful) but the second to the last paragraph left me hanging for real.  It almost seemed like there is a small passage missing.  I understand the last paragraph in this story but the one before it felt a little out of place.

I did enjoy this next installment of the “Erotic Snapshots” series despite the slight hiccups.  

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