Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Raunchy' by T. Styles

This book has been on my book wishlist since its debut.  So why haven’t I read it until now?  None of your damn business!  Now, on to the review…

DO NOT read this book if you can’t handle real grime, real dirty-dirty, and situations so bad they would make Precious jealous.  I heard through the book grapevine that this story was pretty grimy and filthy, but even after hearing that I still wasn’t ready for some of the stuff I read.  Seriously, if you have any qualms about the seven deadly sins then skip this book.  Not only does Harmony spit in the face of the seven deadly sins, she creates about four more. 

Harmony has had a rough childhood.  No, I don’t mean some “I got beat up afterschool” rough.  I mean a “seen two murders and getting raped on a daily basis by family” rough.   See?  And you thought I was joking when I said this ish was grimy.  To go what she went through shouldn’t be called abuse, that’s too nice of a word to describe it.  And the only other word I can think of is used by only one other person.  Satan.  The worst part about her situation is that this cycle doesn’t stop and, in Harmony’s case, it actually gets worse. 

Nothing is off limits to Harmony.  She’ll do anything, anyone, anywhere, at anytime.  There isn’t one good person in this woman’s life and like that STD she carries around, it slowly eats at away at her very core.  Even the relationships she has (drug dealers of course) are sad, depressing, and full of depravity.  There is plenty of hard core drama in this story to keep your nose buried.  But remember, you’ll be reading a car wreck.  A car wreck strewn with bodies, hurt, and suffering.

The first part of this book is told within a good time frame, but the second half jumps years in between a number of chapters.  Also, there were a few issues I had with this one.  There were more than a few situations that left you saying “aint no way in hell”.  Not just to the point of suspending belief but rather to the point of ‘that’s impossible’.  I don’t think it took away from the story but it was really strange to do a double take on paragraph.  There is one BIG, GINORMOUS twist that will leave your jaw hanging but you’ll quickly recover after a moment because you’ll be like “oh yeah right”.  It almost seemed like that last third of the book was rushed. 

Despite those things, I still really enjoyed this book.  But I need a break before I read #2 because this one was… damn… just damn.  


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