Saturday, September 3, 2011

'AFTER, Taras and Theron: Beyond Jerusalem' by David McAfee

This is a short story “collection” that fits in between ’33 A.D.’ and ’61 A.D.’  I have not read this series in order (I still have to read ‘Saying Goodbye To The Sun’) but I didn’t read this story until after ’61 A.D’.  The first short story deals with the struggle of a newly turned vampire named Taras.  Taras was one of the elite Roman assassins who must now deal with the fact that he must kill and drink blood to survive.  Since he’s a newbie he still struggles with his human morals.  He doesn’t WANT to kill but he MUST kill or he will cease to survive. 

Having never been through the process myself, I will assume that being turned into a vampire is somewhat traumatic.  But in ’33 A.D.’ Jesus (yes, THAT Jesus) tells Taras that he has a choice: live as a vampire or die in peace.  Taras makes his choice, but if you ask me he sounds like a little bee-otch after he makes it.  Oh I know like must suck for him now as a new member of the undead.  No more sunrises or sunsets, an insatiable hunger for human blood, growing fangs and claws at the first hint of danger, blah blah blah! 

Taras struggles back and forth with what he needs to do vs. what he doesn’t want to do.  His decision is (almost) made for him and the scene in which it shows up is pretty brutal and animalistic.  I loved it!

Short story number 2 deals with the vampire that I wish would get a 6AM wake-up call: Theron.  He’s the thousand year old vampire that screwed up and now must pay the price.  He was tasked with killing Jesus and failed.  So now, the Council of Thirteen would like to give him a very special employee evaluation.  Theron is wicked and suffers his own maligned adventures in his story.  He’s very powerful with a history that is as intriguing as it is evil.  I expect him to reek much hell in the future.  I did not read story #3.

I usually don’t read series in order because that’s just how I am.  In this case however, I do suggest you read the books in order so that you’ll understand everything.  Especially the background.  Now, having said that I shall now go and read the ‘Saying Goodbye To The Sun’.

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