Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Aphrodisiacs: Erotic Short Stories' by Karen Williams

This is a short erotic story collection that is a little different.  What’s different is that… these here aint sweet.  It’s erotica with a mean twist.  The sex is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot but the endings are mean, mean, mean, mean, mean.  Karen starts us off with “Best Served Cold”, an erotic story of revenge on a cheating husband.  For some reason that old school ‘Doublemint’ commercial kept playing in my head.  Next up is ‘Jail Bait’.  Forbidden sex, oral sex, butt sex, rough sex, forced sex… just another day in the life of a CO.  One of the first stories that caused me to go… “what in the sam-hill…”!?

‘My Daddy’s Friend’ was a fantasy story about a man’s best friend and his young daughter.  His young, sexy daughter.  His young, sexy, virgin daughter.  Introducing a girl to her first taste of sex is a fruit so deliciously sweet… just make sure you don’t do anything stupid afterwards.  The fool in this story didn’t get that memo.  ‘Thug Loving’ was good but not as good as the others.  ‘Bitch! What Goes Around Comes Back Around…” was another story of revenge with a different twist.  All I could think of was “lucky, lucky, lucky”.  ‘London Bridge’ was a hot story about our hidden sexual past.  And umm… “London Bridge” has nothing to with England or the Black Eyed Peas. 

‘Mrs. Parker’
is another story about a young girl’s sexual tryst with an older man.  Something about the sexuality in this story was just…. wonton.  Tia just wants to please and pleases she does.  And as par for the course, Karen throws in a curve that leaves you with an aftertaste of confusion,  until you get to that  “ah ha” moment.  Kinda gives a new spin on “who’s your daddy”.  While the endings in these short stories are not what you would expect, I hope Karen keeps it up because it is kinda nice not to have stories end as a fairy tale.

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  1. It had been a night filled with surprises and hot sex with Zoe. I awoke late on Saturday laying on my side looking out the window of the loft at the snow beginning to fall. The bathroom door opened and Zoe came sauntering out, still wearing her purple camisole and white boy shorts. Her long, thin blonde hair fell around her face as she slid into bed behind me and put an arm over my hip.
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