Friday, September 9, 2011

As far as informative sex videos go, this one is very good!  Calling it a blow job documentary wouldn’t be a stretch at all.  Jessica Drake is the producer and she interviews her fellow porn stars for their perspective.  She made me laugh a few times because one of her recurring lines in this video was, “I interviewed hundreds of guys and this is what they said”.  Then she goes back to the same six actors.  Nothing major, but just a bit of comedy relief in the middle of a blow job how-to. 

Jessica interviews sex actors (men and women) about what they love about giving/receiving oral sex.  What their favorite techniques are, how it makes them feel, how they like to make their partner feel, and everything in between.  One guy on this video is a jerk but the others are pretty cool and the women are awesome.  Why?  Because they have absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever!  Well… except for not liking men who are not clean “down there”.  Other than that they give you great insight on how they go about giving a BJ.  Now these women are porn stars so they will NOT be like your average women when it comes to oral sex.   They are a bit more cavalier about sucking a dick but the rest is 100% real. 

What I liked about this video was getting to hear other people’s perspective about oral sex.  True, it is their job but still hearing about what they love about BJ’s was a lot of fun.  This video is for anyone who wants to know how to give a better blow job.  Since you have six different people you have (at minimum) six different ways to make your man come.  You have the men who tell you what they like and you have the women who tell you what they like.  If you don’t pick up a few pointers from this video then you aren’t paying attention. 

At the end of the documentary section the actors put their words to action.  Jessica gives us play by play (or rather, blow by blow) on what to do with your man’s dick.  Kissing, French kissing, licking, blowing, sucking, and hand movements.  All shown in full color glory and action.  She even tells you the best position for deep-throating.  She even goes as far as to get into the science of deep-throating with Bobbi Starr. 

The three videos:

After you listen to the interview part of this DVD you’ll move on to the movies.  Now, when I first got this DVD I skipped the interview session and went straight to this section.  (what?)  The movies are SUPER hot because the women actually worship the cock.  This isn’t some thirty second internet sex video, oh no.  This is a full on “this is what you do, this is what you do next, and this is how you finish” instructional video.  You can have it with Jessica commentating or without.  I did it without because I don’t need a freaking play by play when watching sex.  After I watched this video a few times I did check out the commentary.  It was OK but unnecessary. 

Video #1: this is the basic blow job.  Although… there was nothing basic about it.  The man and woman are professional but they don’t go all “professional” and give us a good demonstration of a good beginning BJ.  It’s almost like porn for women because it’s very sensual, very slow, lots of deep kissing, lot of touching and caressing before getting to the main course.  It takes place in a bathtub with candles and that great porn music.  It’s slow, methodical, and highly erotic. 

Video#2: this is a more advanced blow job.  Again it starts off with a lot of kissing, both actors are fully clothed to start, and again a lot of touching and working toward the BJ.  In this one you have the actors in different positions, using different techniques.

Video #3: is the anatomy of a hand job.  To me it was sexy but not as stimulating as the two BJ videos.  I know there are couples who swear by this and I’m sure it will be useful to that college prude who has a horny boyfriend but doesn’t want him to penetrate her pussy or ass.  But for me it was just OK.

In case you still aren’t sure, I’m a fan of this video.  This DVD needs to be a requirement for every woman getting married.  Yeah, I know, I know, I know… but there would be a lot less fighting and a lot more happier men if women knew even the basics shown in this video.  Guys, don’t buy this video for your woman (or women) but do leave it lying around in a very non conspicuous place.  All jokes aside, this is a GREAT “how to give a BJ” video and one I hope you check out.

Miscellaneous notes:

Bobbi Starr is my new favorite “flavor of the month”.  She has the classic “innocent girl from next door” look but it EXXX-TREMELY cute!  And the fact that she is an expert at sucking dick only adds to the fantasy.  Out of all the interviewers I enjoyed listening to her the best because you could tell that there is a brewing sea of sexuality just waiting to erupt.

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