Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'Secret Obsession' by Kimberla Lawson Roby

As I was reading this book one question kept popping into my head; “how can such a beautiful woman like Kimberla compose such a devious character like Paige”?  Talent.  Has to be, cause I don’t want to think that Kimberla is this crazed on her own.  Paige is a young lady who is as crazy as a Amish preacher listening to Black Sabbath played backwards while jogging on one foot through Harlem wearing a Confederate Flag jumpsuit .  She wants her sister’s life, her sister’s house, her sister’s money, and her sister’s husband.  And she will (literally) stop and plan at nothing to get it.  Unhinged is the best word to describe her because she is convinced that “no” means “yes”, and she can twist even the most blatant obvious negative into a Paige-Positive.

Example/Negative: Paige steals your car and you call the police.  Paige Positive: She thinks you’re calling the police because you want to borrow their handcuffs to spice up your night of lovemaking.  Yeah, you think I’m kidding… read the book.  Paige did have a less than stellar childhood but I was waiting for something to drop that would help explain what the hell was wrong with her.  And it drops… oh does it drop!  That part is very emotional and Kimberla writes it like she lived it. 

This is a very fast read about an extremely delusional woman who is obsessed with her sister’s life, and especially her man.  She executes a couple of very devious plans to help facilitate this, and if you aren’t convinced that Paige is insane by page three… reading about plan #1 will be your Rosetta Stone.  While this is one of Kimberla’s shorter books, it doesn’t read like it.  Kimberla is a gem and so are her books.  Do yourself a favor and bask in the glow.


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