Sunday, September 25, 2011

'The Cartel' by Ashley & JaQuavis

I’ve heard about Ashley & JaQuavis for a while now but, as most book lovers will tell you,  in the never ending universe of books there are stories and authors that just get lost in book space.  You hear about it, you hear good things about it, you put it on your list… and then you keep adding to the list… then something happens that gets your attention.  That something was hearing JaQuavis on “On The Air With Trice and Brian”.  (Ashley unfortunately was sick).

Hearing him talk about the craft, meeting Ashley, his love for other authors (I’ll get to that in a minute), the new book coming out, and the real way in which he spoke… THAT’S what pushed them from my “authors to be read” pile, to my “next book to read immediately” pile.  And that is exactly what I did. 

In my professional opinion ‘The Cartel’ was completely and totally BAD ASS!  That’s it.  I enjoyed everything about this book.  This book started off with violence, fed us with violence, and (somehow) “ended” with us wanting more violence.  Ashley & JaQuavis have that talent to build up a story then completely explode the foundation, and yet keep the story flowing like a busted hydrant in Harlem.  The Cartel is run by a very strong figure in Carter Diamond.  Unfortunately he meets his demise in the violence that I was telling you about earlier.  He has two sons who are will take over… maybe. 

When Carter’s other son makes himself known, the family isn’t sure what to think.  But they better make up their minds fast because the Haitians want the drug business and they will stop at nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing to take over.  What I loved about this book was no one was safe.  I’m reading one chapter where the main character (or so I thought) was doing their thing, and in the next chapter… BAM!!  They chillin’ at the crossroads.  Florida hasn’t seen this much blood since Andrew Jackson stopped by to say hello. 
While this book if rife with blood, violence, murder, and sexuality, it’s the story that will keep you turning the pages.  I usually don’t read books in order and the rare times I do read a series I take a break in between books.  That’s just how I am.  But guess what I’m reading now?  Yep, ‘The Cartel 2’.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has told me that this series only gets better.  I’ve started book 2 and… wow.  I can’t wait until I finish this review so I can get back to that book.  Seriously y’all, I’m not exaggerating in the least.

Back to the top for a minute… one of the things that impressed me with JaQuavis was at the end of the interview when Brian asked him about their new book, ‘Murder Mamas’.  He steered the conversation around to another author, K’wan.  Classy and real.  I was already impressed but this just cemented it.  Now… there’s a book waiting on me so I’m out like Ellen.  Peace!!



  1. I have all three of The Cartels.. they are definitely on my TBR list!!!

  2. Ashley and JaQuavis are the baddest urban writers on the writing scene. The Cartels are off the chain. You got to read Supreme Clientele, kiss kiss bang bang and two more. All their books are great but The baddest are those mention and a few others. I have each of their books. Kiss, kiss, bang, bang is suppose to hit the screen.

  3. Jason I took your advice and bought the book for my friend for Christmas but now I need to get it myself. It is on my list of books to purchase for sure and while I am at it I will just get the entire series. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Thanks Gen! Definitely get this series (I'm still not sold on the second book though) and then read the stand alone books. These two are very talented!