Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Dawn Of The Bunny Suicides' by Andy Riley

Suicide really shouldn’t be this funny… yet it is.  Thinking of clever ways to die shouldn’t be entertaining … yet it is.  Andy Riley delivers another morbidly funny book in the dark humor ‘bunny suicides’ series.  One of the best things about these books, and especially this book, are the clever way our furry little friends find to off themselves.  No facial expressions, no blood, no exploding guts; just the classic drawn white bunnies before, during, and after death.

There’s even a James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ reference in here!  How could you not this book?  Creative, amusing, chuckle inducing, and cerebral on a grisly imaginative level.  Gun shy about meeting that new cute, Goth looking chick in your office?  Put this book on your desk and you guys will be burning candles and buying his and hers black leather iPhone cases by Christmas.  Want to get strange looks in your bookstore?  Read this book while walking around asking people for help.  (It’s especially funny when you go up to them in the ‘Religion’ section).


Simply put, this book is classic Andy and a must for every bathroom, coffee table, night table, break room table, and surgical table in the literate world.  Actually the illiterate world would enjoy this book as well since there are no words.  Of course they’ll miss out on the really clever ones… but that’s their fault for not being educated right? OK, I’ll go now.


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