Friday, October 28, 2011

'The Litigators' by John Grisham

I’m not sure how he does it… but he does.  John Grisham follows last year’s release of ‘The Confession’ (easily in the top 3 best Grisham books ever) with ‘The Litigators’.  Immediately you get the feeling that this is going to be one of Grisham’s witty ones.  This man has a wonderful sense of humor and added to his natural ability to tell a story, I see why some call him “America’s favorite storyteller”.  Finley & Figg are two lawyers who work, but not extremely hard, to make their living as practitioners of the law.  They bumble their way around chasing ambulances and divorces all while having more in house fighting than any season of ‘The Real World’. 

Enter, due to a rather CRAZY exit, David Zinc.  David is Harvard Law School graduate who makes a nice six figure salary, who is married to a smoking hot woman, but must work long hours in order to pull down said nice six figure salary.  One day he snaps, and snaps in spectacular fashion.  Grisham writes this scene and you seriously can’t help but laugh as you see David becoming best friends with the elevator.  I swear, while I was reading this scene I could hear the laugh of the Joker in the background (Jack Nicholson’s Joker BTW).  David continues his phenomenal downward spiral at a bar and he contemplates the universe and his life… all while drinking enough to alcohol to make Hunter S. sweat.

Obviously the universe shares in John’s sense of humor because of all the places our friend David could end up, he makes his “new person” debut at the offices of Finley & Figg.  Let the legal dysfunction begin!  The main storyline is the law offices of Finley & Figg happen upon news of a drug called Krayoxx.  Rumor has it that this drug is bad and that brings out the mass tort snakes, I mean lawyers, and the dreams of big fast money begin.  On a good day Finley & Figg dance along the ethics line, with the promise of a multi-million dollar settlement they not only dance, they take ethics to dinner and then to the prom!
David gets caught up in this “boutique” of a law firm but manages to keep himself relatively clean.  This book gets better and better and by the time I reached the end I was staying up till 1 AM because I couldn’t decide where to stop.  The climax (in my humble opinion) is the courtroom scene with the Kryoxx lawyers vs. David.  I will NEVER give away the story, but I will use a two word phase to describe it.  Actually Amazon would probably censor it so let me do it like this:  the first word begins with the letter “b” and the second word is “slapped”. 

As with every Grisham novel there is back story and other stories going on.  I would love to meet DeeAnna… heaven help me.  I think I would enjoy a Sunday dinner at Rochelle’s house, but I would run for the hills if I ever got on her bad side.  Finley & Figg… the antics of these two must be read.  Describing them is utterly impossible and I would fail if I tried.  It takes talent to go from serious to (almost) absurd, but Grisham does it with talent and skill that is fun to read.


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  1. Another great book by Mr. Grisham. Suspenseful. I could hardly put it down. Bring on another one! Loved it, loved it!!
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