Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Scandalicious' by Allison Hobbs

Waiting on an Allison Hobbs book to drop is like waiting on the next iPhone.  You can't wait to get your hands on it so you can play with it.  All day. And all night.  If you just said "you can't play with a book" you have just told me that you have never read Allison Hobbs.  I read Allison because she is one of my favorites.  I also read her because I wonder... what the hell will she come with next?  'Scandalicious' is it.  Solay is the sexy-cute owner of a cupcake boutique called (duh) 'Scandalicious'.  This shop is heavy on the sugar and even heavier on the innuendo.  My kinda place!  She's a single business woman who spends too much time in the kitchen and not enough time in the bedroom.  Not that she would have any fun in there, because her sex life is as empty and barren as class in Black History at David Duke University.

So she borrows a chapter out of the 'Manual for Horny Guys' and pays for it!  As luck would have it, she gets one hell of a dick down plus something else.  Deon, her phallus-for-hire-, is FaceBook perfect.  (You'll have to be friends with Allison to know what I'm talking about).  Out of everyone in this story these two have the hottest and nastiest sex this side of Cornnell Clarke.  Oh y'all know Allison can write some sex scenes so be prepared to lick your fingers after a few of these here.  Lincoln is the married guy; a married guy who is having incredibly bad sex with his wife.  She's boring and wouldn't know her way around a blow job if given a map and GPS.  In his anger he does something really stupid that cause repercussions far beyond what he plans. 

Melanee was just... strange.  This quiet, demure, chaste little thing is living a double life that is just... strange.  Her sexual escapades, nevertheless, were very erotic.  And strange.  The scene after Colden tells her she has pleased Madam... wow.  Easily my favorite sexual escapade in this book.  Vidal was the flamboyant fool who was supposed to be the comedy relief.  But he was short on the comedy and only succeeded on getting on my damn nerves!  Solay let him get away with too much especially since that was HER store!  He needs to exit stage left and quit messing up my damn groove.

I always finish Allison’s books in about two days and this one was no different.  One slight “issue” though… (no spoilers), what was up with the ending?  It caught me by surprise because it was so “un-Allison”.  You tell me.  Anyway, Allison continues her string of hits with this one and I’m sure you (freaks) will enjoy this just like I did.  Now… what I want to know is where can I get some of those cupcakes?  Especially the red velvet ones!  I got some ideas on what I can do with those.  And Vanilla Bean with Hot Pink Butter Cream?  Come on Allison… you’re holding out on us!!


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