Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Surrealistic Erotic Dreams' by Frank C. Hauser

This is a gorgeous book with very erotic, very graphic paintings that are… explicitly beautiful.  Every painting in this book has the same feel as the one on the cover.  Sexual, soft, and surreal.  While the woman are the focal point in these painting, if that’s all you see then you’re going to miss out.  This book opens with an introduction by Gerrit Luidinga giving us a little history and background on Frank C. Hauser.  We then get into the art.  This book alternates between close-ups of the art, full pages of the art, and even black & white. 

If you’re looking at this book I’m assuming that you have no problem with art that is EXTREMELY sexual.  But not sexual in a porn way; sexual in pure arousing and pleasing way.  The intimate parts of a woman are on full display to be devoured with your eyes and caressed with your imagination.  As I was looking at these painting I saw a number of different themes.  Futuristic, mythology, horror, sexuality, nature, and a hint of Giger will all willing participants in this collectable coffee table book for artistic intellects who love artistic sexuality.  I can’t say much more other than this book is mouthwatering. 

One thing that surprised me was the ending.  We are given an index of the illustrations.  Up to this point I was of the assumption that all these paintings were done for this book exclusively.  Nope.  This book contains paintings that span from 1997 to 2010 with a total of forty-three pieces of work.  There are more in the book however because, like I alluded to earlier, there are close-ups and some black and whites in here as well. On my book blog I have started a list of ‘Christmas books you need to have for 2011’.  This one will definitely be on it.


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