Wednesday, November 23, 2011

'The Diary of Molly Fredrickson: Peanut Butter - Vol. 5' by Cornnell Clarke

Cornnell Clarke is my favorite sexual graphic artist BAR NONE!  So when I heard a new book was in the works I started drooling.  One small problem though; I work in a bookstore but I could not nail down a release date for this book.  Was it October, was it December?  I kept bugging poor Cornnell until he just said, “dude, and join my e-mail updates”.  So that is what I did.  And because I did I was able to get a signed copy of this book!  Happy early Birthday present to me!!  This book is a diary of sorts that our sexy friend, Molly, is reading from.  If you haven’t read anything from Mr. Clarke, prepare your libido, because your mind won’t be able to process all the eroticism his books offer.  That being said, PB #5 wasn’t a chock full of sex as some of the others.  Oh it It was there, no doubt, but I came away wanting… more.  I didn’t feel that way with the other four.

I know most people don’t READ these graphic novels; they skim and leer at the pictures.  I’m honestly no different but I do read it through once so I can get a gist of the story and there IS a story with all of Cornnell’s books.  The font however was very, very tiny which made it extremely hard to read and part of the story was in cursive which made it even harder.  Again, for 99% of the people “reading” this, they won’t care.  But for my 1%; it’s a bit frustrating.  Setting that aside, the main reason I read and love the Peanut Butter graphic novels is the simply amazing artwork.  This man has a talent and it shows on every colorful and in-your-face-page.

 Molly is reading a diary and taking us through a number of her lusty sexual escapades while running (willingly) into a few new ones.  Her best friend’s boyfriend makes a cameo and so does his… junk.  She reminisces about the tryst with her nerdy roommate, and makes us relive the memory of her and the basketball team.  Oh yeah… THAT one was a GOOD!  Cornnell even gives us a hand by footnoting the previous issues of Peanut Butter in which these scenes took place.  Back to this issue though… as is normal with Cornnell there are a number of shocking sex scenes in his books.

The first takes place (no spoilers) after a very traumatic incident and also provides us with the best piece of artwork in this book.  This certain body part of a woman was drawn with pure precision and desire.  The second shocking part takes place near the end and I had to go back to see if I really read what I really read.  And yeah… I did!  This is easily the best part of the book because it is the perfect mix of sex, taboo, lust, taboo (yes, I know I put it twice), and just plain old “what they’re doing is just so wrong but I wish I could do it too”.  If you don’t read anything else in this book make sure you read this scene.  Trust me OK?

The last page of the book also provides us with the second best piece of artwork in the book.  If I didn’t have any sense I’d lick the pages, but I do so I didn’t.  Despite not being as sexually charged as say, #4, I think you will enjoy this next installment of the Peanut Butter series. 


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