Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jason's 'Top 15 Books' of 2011

I’ve come to the realization that I’m pretty anal about my reading, and according to one of my author friends, “persnickety” about what I read.  I would have to agree with that assessment.  I read for entertainment, I read for pleasure, I read for fun.  I LIVE in reality and, therefore, have absolutely no desire to read about it.  I want my book to take me away… FAR, FAR away.  My favorite books this year have done that.  From the sands of the gladiator arena to the scandals in the church.  From the hidden and extremely bloody underground of Rome to the sweet ecstasy of cupcake seduction.  From the harsh life and (much) death of an African-American crime family to the voyeuristic escapades of a man and his wheel-chair bound girlfriend/one-night stand. 

I have enjoyed my authors and their work but there is never enough time to read every book I would like.  I’m thinking that I need to win the lottery or find myself a suger-mama so that I can quit work and spend time… ALL of my time buried in a book.  You’ll also find no classics on this list.  Ask me if I give a shit.  I’m 100% unapologetic about what I read.  I will never be that snotty book lover who reads books that makes my anus cry.

I used to put my top books of the year in order from best to “least” best but I didn’t do that this year.  Why?  I just found it too hard and *almost* pointless.  The books below are the Top 15 books (overall) that I read this past year because they cemented time after time after time after time after time after time why I enjoy reading and why I spend so much time between modern day papyrus.  Please feel free to share with me the books that made you swoon, cry, laugh, get horny, curse, spit, and spend your rent money on.  
**Quick Note – the links: the links on the titles will take you to the review I did of the book.  The link to the authors will take you to their respective webpages.  Usually.** J

Books of Note

You WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT. Find two people nicer than Victoria & ReShonda.  They both have a love for the written word and truly appreciate their readers.  Both are very active on their respective social networking sites and just scrolling through their posts you’ll see what I’m talking about.  I have a special place in my heart for Victoria because she has been a HUGE supporter of me and the start of my ‘Rubicon Tee’s’ business.  She has me on her ‘A Chapter A Month’ website and has purchased shirts for herself and others. That kind of sincerity and friendship is hard, hard to find!  Those who know her love her and those who don’t, soon will.

This has been the quiet storm book of 2011.  If you haven’t heard of it you’ve either done it deliberately or you don’t read.  This book IS NOT for children!  So please save that weak ass shit for someone else.  This is a book for parents with a f*cking sense of humor.  If this isn’t you then move the f*ck on!

Wade has five books published so far.  I have yet to buy one.  Wade makes sure that I have his books and I am extremely grateful for that.  This one is probably one of Wade’s most brutal books, which of course made me love it more.  This book is full of everything your violent nightmares are made of.  Be warned… there are some extremely graphic scenes of torture in this book.  Now… go buy it.

I read ‘My Woman His Wife’ by Anna J a few years back and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Every few months or so she puts out an ‘Erotic Snapshots’ collection, and every few months I fork out money because these are some of the hottest and shortest erotic stories out there.

This is the best erotic collection I’ve read this year.  Yummy, delicious, decadent, sultry, and sensual.  If you’re looking for a collection that will cause every nerve on your body to go into overdrive…. here it is.

Steve is just the f*ucking man!  We’ve gone back and forth a few times over politics (I’m right and he’s wrong of course) but to hell with all that… this man can write his ass off!  This short story is available (for the moment) only as an eBook.  The ‘Meg’ series is a phenomenal story about the baddest predatory bitch to grace this planet, Carcharodon Megalodon.  This was just a teaser to the true storytelling power of Mr. Alten.  Read the series, you can thank me later by getting me a Jeep.  Yeah… you know what kind.

Futurestic sexuality is on full display in this beautiful oversized art book by Mr. Hauser.  The artwork is very detailed and very erotic. 

Websites of Note

Yoland Gore – A book lover and another wonderful soul who LOVES books and authors.

Apple – just for you fake Apple haters!  Well, that and I want a MacBook Pro one day.

Words With Friends – I’m hopelessly addicted.  If you ever want to play my screen name is ‘RubiconReader’

Jeep – No explanation needed.

Rachel Kramer Bussel – Talented, sexy, cute author/editor who graciously sends me her books... and has one hell of a voluptuous ass!

Zane – The BASSEST author/editor/business owner/entrepenuer/social media promoter/PUBLISHER on the planet.

Zoe SaldanaDefinitely no explanation needed!

Wahida Clark – Another publisher who sends me her books to review.  Street novels yes but she has some of the hottest writers on her team.  Definitely check them out!


  1. You hit the nail on the head about that you said about Victoria & ReShonda. You know they have a special place in my heart. Thanks Jason for the shout out. You're the best.

  2. As promised here are my 15:

    Scandilicious-Allison Hobbs
    Shady-Dell Banks
    Growing Pains-K.P. Smith
    matters of the heart- Danielle Steel
    Ice- Ice T
    True You- Janet Jackson
    Picking cotton- jennifer thompson-cannino
    oogy- Larry Levin
    cartel series- Ashley and Jaquavis
    Diary of a Stalker- Electa Rome Parks
    big girl- Danielle Steel
    Stealing Candy- Allison Hobbs
    From Hood to Hollywood- Sasha Raye
    Legacy- Danielle Steel
    Cheaper to Keep Her- Unique