Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arizona Governor vs. President Obama

My quick two cents on Point-A-FingerGate…

(First a short story) A few weeks ago I got in trouble at work because I hung up on a customer.  This lady was white and was being extremely rude and talking down to me.  Sorry, but I don’t play that customer is always right bullshit!  If you can be rude to me then I damn sure can be rude to you… and you WILL NOT talk down to me.  You are NOT better than me and just because you “have money” does not give you the right to be a dick.  So I hung up on that bitch.  I’m a Black man that grew up in the south and I have a VERY hard time letting anyone talk down to me, much less someone who is white.  Now this lady probably didn’t know I was a Black man (actually she did because I’ve dealt with her elitist ass before and couldn’t stand her then either) but when someone talks down to me I feel like I’m a tiger being backed into a corner.  Although Obama is President I’d imagine he felt like this when that idiot put her finger in his face.

He didn’t act on it because he is better at holding his feelings and reactions in better than I am.  That is good and bad.  Good because a leader needs to be above reproach (although not one politician is, including our current Commander-in-Chief).  And bad, because if you hold in your feelings in too long something is going to blow the fuck up. 

I think what the Arizona governor did was utterly disrespectful.  You don’t point at anyone who isn’t your child and you damn sure don’t point your finger at the freaking PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

What I have an issues with is how people are so quick to rush in to protect the president because something like this has never been done before. 

Ummm… no.  Sorry.

And just so that we’re on the same page and to appease the idiots who will only read part of this… No, I am not defending the Arizona governor!  I’m just appalled that with all of the rude and disgraceful things that have been done to our Presidents over the years, this is the one that people go sackcloths and ashes on.  And it’s only because of one reason.  Because it’s a Democratic President, and because that President is Obama. 

No?  OK, remember when that sand monkey threw his shoes at President Bush a few years back?  I do.  I honestly don’t remember people being so outraged!  Oh, the conservatives were no doubt!  But the rest of the idiot world was like “Yeah, that’s what that stupid cowboy gets”.  From what I read, throwing your shoes or showing the bottom of your shoes to someone in that part of the country is a HUGE insult and only reserved for your enemies.  Interesting.  How come America wasn’t pissed about that?  Because it was a Republican,  A dumb, drunk Texan by many wrong accounts.  If you’re so concerned about the President being insulted then why not be pissed when ANY President is insulted.

I know, I know, I know… double standards rule this world and nowhere is that more evident than in politics.  We turn a blind eye to the in-your-face theft by someone on our side the isle, but jump on any rumor of theft from anyone on the other side of the isle.  I get that.  But please spare me your fake “How could anyone do this to our President” rage when, quite honestly, this isn’t (by a long shot) the first time this has happened. 

I was in the minority when I said that the sand monkey should have been double tapped in the head for throwing his cheap ass Pennyloaders.  Seriously… you have time to reach down, take off your shoe, get up, throw it, reach down AGAIN, and thrown your OTHER shoe and the Secret Service doesn’t do anything!?!  What tha fuck!?!?!?  I know we have brave men and women serving in the Secret Service and the fact that they didn’t react meant that they were probably saddles with the BULLSHIT weight of political correctness.  Their job is to protect the president and if the President is visiting a hostile country and you see someone bend down… dude… even I could make that call! 

That nutcase Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is always coming out his mouth wrong against our county and President.  But you have to turn into a foreign news channel just to hear about it!  Hell, I had to surf for about… ummm…. Forty five seconds before I found something on a U.S. site.  It only took me about… ummm… fifteen seconds on the BBC website.  My point is simple, if you are outraged (and would be right to be) by the disrespect of the Arizona governor to our President, then you need to be outraged by EVERY time someone of “note” disrespects our President. 

Also… I know it’s been said in jest, but things wouldn’t have been different if Michelle Obama would have been there.  She’s too classy to stoop to that level.  At least in public.  J  I’m sure she went OFF to her husband in private and I wouldn’t put it past her to pick up the phone and call Governor Finger.  But I truly don’t expect anything to be done.  Now… had that been one of us… you would have been reading about my obituary… yesterday.

In closing…

My friends and people who have known me for a while know that I admire Obama the MAN, but despise Obama the politician.  A friend of mine in D.C. sends me eMail’s from time to time with the most gorgeous picture of the First Family.  I’m not even sure how he gets them but they are the Hi-Res pictures that I see from time to time in Time or other throw away magazines like that.  I adore how his wife looks at him, I adore the smiles on his daughters’ faces when they are shown with him, I love how he has more than a few photos of him in book stores, and love how a man that looks like ME is in the highest office on the fucking planet.  His politics I can do without.

So when I saw that picture of Governor Finger pointing in his face I was like “aw heeeeelllll no”!  But when I started to read some of the comments I was like “Aw heeeeelllll no”!  If anyone disses the President they dis us all.  Last I checked the terrorists and the like weren’t marking their bombs with “African-American” only plates or “White American” only plates.  They want to see us ALL fucking die.  So be outraged that the OFFICE of the President was dissed, not only the man temporally serving in it.

That is all.  Goodnight.  

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