Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monster Cable Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude Headphones

When I ordered these headphones from the ‘Vine’ program I was reading the Steve Jobs bio.  Among his many talents (or headaches depending on who you ask) was his ridiculous attention to detail… even the smallest detail of his products.  He wanted people to emotionally connect to the products when they open the box.  I only bring this up because I had that same feeling when I opened this product.  I won’t spend a lot of time on that because it has nothing to do with the sound, but I did get a good “feeling” when I saw the brown felt box that had the delicious smell of “new”.  Sounds corny?  Yeah probably. 

The headphones are a brown color and much thicker than your average set.  Thicker meaning the wires have a slight feel of heft to them that makes them very hard to tangle and won’t easily get caught up in your clothes or anything else.  The part that plugs into your device has an “L” shape which isn’t bad, but it would be nice if it was straight. 

I used these headphones on my HP laptop, iPhone 4s, and iPad2.  I listened to everything from movies on Netflix, to music, to ‘Cartalk’, and music from every genre.  These headphones are EXTREMELY impressive!  And I mean EXTREMELY!  You can also use these headphones to talk on the phone.  Matter of fact as I was in-line skating yesterday I was told that the sound on my end was very clear.  He only asked because he was wondering where I was.  The sound produced by these headphones is extremely crisp and clear. 

There is one thing you need to be aware of though.  They say that these are noise canceling headphones and they are NOT kidding.  These things are so good you could use them as ear plugs.  Seriously.  I would not use these to talk on your phone as you’re driving.  They work too well for that and it could be a bit dangerous.  While driving you need to be aware of the other sounds and cars around you.  These headphones will create a sound bubble that makes it near impossible to hear anything else.  GREAT for when you’re walking around town tuning out barking dogs, leaf blowers, and horns.  BAD if you’re driving.  But don’t let that stop you from getting these headphones. 

These headphones are packaged in a beautiful box with a small magnetic end to keep it closed.  They also come with two different cased to carry them and one even has a closed belt slip.  They also provide eleven, yes ELEVEN sets of ear buds to custom fit your ears.  I had to go through about four of them before I found my perfect match but I have and I couldn’t be happier.  Of course I’m happiest when listening to Toni Braxton sing to me through these headphones… but that’s just me.  

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