Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Black Friday:Exposed' by Ashley & JaQuavis

Before I bought this eBook I looked to see what other book readers had to say about it.  Wow!  Apparently there was some shady business going on with the reprinting/renaming of this book… whatever it was, it ticked a lot of people off.  Interesting, that’s all. 

This is my 4th (or 5th) book by Ashley & JaQuavis so I didn’t have to worry about rereading something they put out a while back.  I only recently started reading these two when I hear them on a book blog radio about two months ago.  Since then I’ve picked up their books whenever I need a quick entertaining read and this one fit the bill, albeit not as much as I would have liked.  The story was *good* but the execution wasn’t as polished as… say in ‘The Cartel’. 

These two have talent no doubt and not every author can get a hit every time, but this one seemed to be a “formula” novel and therefore didn’t have that spark of magic that their other books have. This was just an OK read, and if I was trying to sell someone on Ashley & JaQuavis I would not start with this one. 

In ‘Black Friday: Exposed’ you have a drug dealer, Kasheef, who is accused of murder.  OK… “Accused” may be a little bit misleading because there is an eye witness who actually saw him pull the trigger!  And that right there is what this story is centered around.  The eyewitness is a smokin’ hot single mom named Alija and she has some interesting things going on with her.  Since she is the only eyewitness and truthfully the only REAL evidence the prosecution has, her testimony is sought after by both sides.  And they’ll use any means to get it.  Murder, jury tampering, blackmail, extortion, money and sex are just means to an end for them.  The question is… who will win?  A&J has always impressed me with their plots twists and this book was no different.

There are a couple of predictable situations here that are par for the course, but I bet you’ll never see the ending coming.  That was a pretty nice twist that will make me read the sequel when it comes out.  Again, overall not a bad effort but these two have written better.  If you’re checking them out for the first time, do not start with this one.  Start with ‘The Cartel’, ‘The Cartel 3’, or ‘Murder Mamas’.  


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