Friday, February 24, 2012

'The Governor's Wife' by Mark Gimenez

Mark Gimenez is easily one of the quietest authors out there.  He doesn’t have a FaceBook, Twitter, and his website is pretty regular.  I’ve eMailed him a few times and he has graciously responded, but he’s not a “talker”.  So that’s why I was surprised to see that he had a “new” book out… and it’s been out since November.  Whhaaaatttt!?!?!  I go after books like I buy iPhone apps; 100 pure impulse I usually buy what I don’t need.  The difference here is that I NEED to read Mark.  Every author after a while usually puts out a book that is good but not great.  After six books, Mark has yet to do so. 

This man is one hell of a magnificent writer! 

And this is one hell of a book!

Let me address one thing first before I get to this book… there is a review on here that isn’t entirely true.  While I will admit that this book is HEAVILY political (especially in the beginning), but a “liberal political diatribe about the evils of the establishment and the wonders of illegal immigration” it is not.  I don’t know where Mark’s politics lie (and I really don’t care) but I don’t think it’s possible to tell with this book.  Oh you can speculate, but I would expect that you would only see it through your eyes.  If you’re a Conservative then you will see the hero in Governor Bode.  If you’re a Liberal then you’ll see Governor Bode as the devil himself.  If you’re a booklover then you’ll put all that ish aside and just thoroughly enjoy another book from Mr. Gimenez.

‘The Governor’s Wife’ is a very, very, very, very good read.  Bode Bonner is the governor of Texas and proud of it.  (Come to think of it, have you ever met anyone who was from Texas and wasn’t proud of it?) Anywho… he has the thankless job of having to deal with illegal immigration, drug running, re-election, hoping against all hope that his dream of running for President will somehow come to fruition, and keeping time with one extremely hot assistant.   If Edward Lorenz thought that little butterfly did something, he needs to jump ahead in time to see what happens on John Ed’s ranch.  What happens there will infuriate some people, make some people cheer, and others (like me) wonder how long it will take before it hits the fan.
So Bode’s dream of running for President becomes a reality… overnight.  And he would be a shoe-in except for a few things:  1. the incident at the ranch 2. His wife 3. His extremely hot assistant 4. El Diabolo.  Other than that it would be a breeze.  Mark has always had the ability to write a complex plot with his stories, but he ratchets it up a notch with this book.  You wonder how a poor doctor, Super PAC’s, illegal immigration, assassins, toned co-ed butts (have mercy), and Irish wives can possible come together to create a story that makes sense.  Well, Mark did and it does. 

And still… for the life of me I don’t know why the American publishers don’t pick up this guy!  I am glad to see that his books are available in e-format but I would love to carry his work (other than his first two books) in my bookstore.  Getting excited about an author is par for the course when you love books, but STAYING excited about an author is what makes reading so much fun. 

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