Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Kill Shot' by Vince Flynn

Want to have a fun conversation?  Walk up to someone reading this book and ask them if this is the 12th or 2nd book in the series.  Whatever answer they choose, you give the opposite.  Prepare to duck and run.  I have been a fan of Vince Flynn ever since his books stumbled into my life about three years ago.  Even if he was to write a book about growing horse toenails in Fishhook, Alaska, I would still read it.  Thank the lord Jesus, however, this book is nothing like that!

Vince brings back the young Mitch Rapp in a book that ought to come with a prescription for Niacin.  Why?  You’ll need something to counter the adrenaline.  If you’ve had the pleasure of reading about Mitch, you know that he is a “man’s man” and has absolutely NO tolerance for BS and bad guys.  And that is when he was… “Mature”.  Can you imagine this killing machine in his younger years?  Can you imagine a weapon with the body of Greek sculpture, a mind as sharp as Tesla, and the natural killing instinct of a Megalodon?  You can if you know Mitch Rapp.

Mitch has completed his training and has been let loose on the unsuspecting world.  He is a tsunami of pure destruction.  Precise destruction.  The only thing he leaves in his wake is the bodies of dead terrorists.  A-MEN!  Unfortunately, with this type of success, from a rookie no doubt, there starts to fester some resentment and jealously.  And not only with our enemies.  Hurley and Victor have their personal reasons for not liking Mitch, but will it interfere with the #1 objective… to keep America safe?

This mission finds Mitch in Paris and he has graciously exploded the head of some well deserving terrorist filth when the tables are turned.  Our boy has been set up… and set up good.  The ensuing firefight leaves more blood on the floor than an exploding vampire.  Unfortunately Mitch gets wounded.  And a wounded Mitch Rapp is a pissed Mitch Rapp.  And a pissed Mitch Rapp is a deadly Mitch Rapp (see above Megalodon reference).  Thus ensues a cat and mouse maze that Flynn’s fan has come to expect as one of the BEST in the game. 

Scientist dream about going back in time and witnessing the “big bang”.  Witnessing the unimaginable explosion that started it all.  That’s the perfect analogy to explain what it’s like reading about the young Mitch.  Powerful.  Destructive.  Unrelenting.  Violent.  Violent.  Violent.  Just the way it ought to be.
OH BTW Vince, the “crossing the Rubicon” reference... nice.


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