Friday, March 2, 2012

'Kristina - Queen of Vampires' by Frans Mensink

With vampires (and in a lesser sense zombies) taking over the world in literature, TV, movies, and pop culture, it seems that the persona of “vampire” has gotten viral A.D.D.  You have your glowing vampires, your sensitive vampires, your day-walker vampires, your young vampires, your ancient vampires, your ghetto vampires, and your high brow vampires.  In this erotic graphic novel we meet another type of vampire: the sexual vampire.  Needless to say this is my favorite of them all.

But Kristina isn’t just a sexual vampire, she’s full blooded walking carnal demon of lust!  This graphic novel opens with an assault that sets the tone for the rest of the book.  If you like your vampire books dirty, bloody, and indecent… here you go.  As “out there” as most of these erotic graphic novels are, there is always one scene that is just THE scene that makes you go, “dude… seriously”.  For me that scene was near the end in the alley.  Even though the drenching sexuality of the art is the draw to graphic novels like these, there is a pretty good storyline here as well.

Frans Mensink wrote this in 2005 and it looks like there are two more in this trilogy… and I can’t wait to read them.  There are a lot of erotic graphic novels making their way to the scene and it might be difficult to pick out the good ones.  This is a good one.


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