Monday, May 7, 2012

'Going Down: Oral Sex Stories' by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Lawd have mercy.  Either Rachel must have fingers with the strength of Hercules or she must have the most wanton sex life this side of Susie Bright.  Her books are so saturated with sex that I’m almost afraid to read them within ten feet of any woman.  ‘Oral Sex’ is another in her long list of good, short, lusty, sweaty, erotic short stories.  I tell you what, there are some women in these pages that I would love to nominate for ‘girlfriend of the year’.  Where or WHERE do these women exist?!  We each have a fetish and if yours is engaging in, reading about, or watching oral sex, then this is your vice book.

The stories in here are very descriptive, very sweaty, HIGHLY erotic, and very lewd (in a good way).  I’ll give you a few of my favorites:

‘Pretty Dull’ – a great story to start and sets the tone because it sets up the daydream for me. 

‘Milk Moustache’ – pretty much the only time would be OK with cloning would be if they found a way to copy Phoebe.  She is the PERFECT girlfriend who is dating a dud who has no idea what a sexual nympho he has living with him.  But he finds out.  Hell yeah he finds out!

‘Etiquette’ - is a delicious treat.

‘Stacked’ is about two guys, which is usually not my cup of tea, but something about this story was just… good and nasty.  Remember earlier when I mentioned ‘sweaty’?  This is the story I was thinking about.

‘Sucking Casey’s Cock’ – Weird, weird, weird, but sexy, sexy, sexy.

‘Clean/Dirty’ – One of the few stories that includes actual sex and I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much.  The language in this story is just as raw as the sex.  The descriptions leave nothing to the imagination and this will be one short story that you read over and over and over again.

‘Trimming’ – my favorite of the bunch!  The classic “sleep with the gardener” scenario that plays on the tension between two people and the lust between two people.  I LOVED this story!

‘Your Body is a Temple’ – A workout routine gone… good.  Real good.  Really, really good!

‘Snow Job’ – Second favorite short story and another very good “tension between two people” story that will make you erupt in laughter and other things if you aren’t careful.

Honorable Mention goes to ‘The Thousand and One Ways’.  And I don’t mean honorable mention like you got back in grade school for your stupid science fair project… this story… good heavens… let’s just say that in order to do the things Naiia does you have to have the work ethic of a Roman engineer and chops with the strength of Jaws.  Tupac wanted to know if Heaven had a ghetto.  Don’t know if he ever found out, but I DO know that if heaven had a brother (forgive me God) then this lady would be the madam.

These short stories are all about the joys and pains of oral sex.  Giving, receiving, and watching.  Really, if this is your fetish then I think this book would fit nicely in your freaky repertoire of oral media.

One last thing... can this woman pick book covers or what!?


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