Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear AT&T...

Dear AT&T,

My name is Jason Frost and I have been a customer of yours for a long time now.  Your computer says “since 2005”, but in actuality it’s been since around 1994.  I’m writing to let you know about an experience I recently had.  I called on 8/20/2012 to add a line to my account for my son.  I was looking to add the Blackberry Curve 8130 and after calling twice I was finally able to speak with someone who was able to help me.  To his credit, the gentlemen that assisted me was very nice and very helpful… unfortunately his information was also very wrong.

Since I already owned the Blackberry he told me that all I needed was a new SIM card.  Good.  He told me that I would be getting the SIM card in a few days.  That became problem #1.  I went online to see when my order would arrive and I’m told it will arrive on 8/28/2012, a Tuesday.  Almost a full week after I placed the order.  How I could go from “a few days” to over a week is baffling.  He even went so far to tell me that “since I called early enough the order would go out that same day”.  How can a rep. of your company be so wrong and pass along wrong information?  I would have gladly paid for faster shipping had I known because I wanted my son to have this for his first day of school.

Problem #2 arose when we started talking about the phone specs.  Again, he was very nice but really didn’t know what he was talking about.  My questions was “does this Blackberry have wireless and not just 3G”?  He assured me it did and even went online and confirmed.  Not sure what website he referenced because when I did some extra research I found that this BB Curve does not have wireless.  Had I know that I might not have gone forward with the order, OR might have gone with another phone because I needed the wireless.  These two problems could easily have been avoided if the rep. helping me would have known his information.

This experience coupled with throttling your longtime (iPhone) customers on data and blocking FaceTime, it seems that you guys are making some bad business decisions.  I’ve stayed with you guys because I sincerely have enjoyed your service.  I’ve had some headaches from time to time (like now) but overall I’ve been pretty happy.  I just wish you would reconsider your decision to throttle your iPhone customers.  If we have unlimited data that means that we’ve been with you at least four years (most like me, even longer), and I think that warrants some consideration.  Right now you are giving your new customers more benefit than the ones that have been with you for years and paying you for years.  That isn’t right.

Blocking FaceTime is just plain wrong.  If we pay for an allotment of data then we should be able to use that data anyway we please.  TV, radio, websites, FaceBook, every medium is inundated with other carriers boasting on how they are expanding their network, bring back TRUE unlimited, and courting customers.  You guys seem to be pushing yours away.  I’m not the type to make rash decisions, nor am I the type of customer that storms off and says “I’m going someplace else”!!  I still have a year left on my contract and that gives me plenty of time to see what you guys will do in the future.  Please feel free to look at my data usage as well.  I’ve never gone over my “unlimited” allotment because I do watch and monitor my data and use wireless whenever possible, but I don’t like to be told what I can and can’t do with the data and minutes that I pay for.  I would love to stay with the company that I’ve invested my time and money, but if another company will offer me true unlimited data and the freedom to use said data, I think that warrants an honest look. 

I do thank you for your time.  I sent this snail mail and probably to a wrong address, but I could not find anywhere to send this online without having to fill out drop-down forms that had nothing to do with this problem.

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