Friday, September 28, 2012

Spartacus: Vengeance - The Complete Second Season

FINALLY!  Yeah, I was one of those people who didn’t have ‘STARZ’ but DID have Netflix.  Unfortunately Netflix was being stupid (or maybe it was STARZ) but for whatever reason, I was unable to stream this “season” of ‘Spartacus’.  I had to suffer (first world suffering mind you, but still suffering) through all the FaceBook and Twitter updates from my friends and the cast members of ‘Spartacus’.  I did well in avoiding it but it was hard, hard, hard.  I didn’t line up at midnight to get this DVD boxed set, but I was one of the first.

Was it worth the wait?  Yes!  Was I disappointed that there were only ten episodes?  Hell yes!  I don’t follow ‘Spartacus’ enough to know why there are only ten episodes, but finding that out was a bit of a disappointment.  Despite this meager offering, the ten episodes are VERY good!  And I do mean very, very, very good!  There is plenty of blood, sex, drama, fighting, death, gore, skin, and intersecting story lines to keep you hooked for the ten episodes.  I tried my best to space it out but I gave up after episode 2.  I ran through those DVD’s like a gladius through soggy intestine.  The new Navia was a treat for the eyes and Ilithya is just… damn… hell hath no fury as Ilithya scorned! 

I know people are obsessed with the blood, sex, and tears this show is known for but what keeps me glued is the story.  (OK, OK, seeing a bare chested Mira and Naevia doesn’t hurt) So many twists, so many turns, so many things you don’t see coming.  Our favorite characters are back and they are bathed in blood, booty, and unbreakable bonds.  Do yourself a favor and pick one weekend to watch this DVD.  Get it out the way… so you can watch it again. 

In some strange twist of fate I was reading ‘Spartacus: Rebellion’ by Ben Kane at the same time I was viewing this DVD.  So like a female pleasure slave, I was getting it from both ends.  It was very interesting to see the differences between the two.  Since there is very little literature/written history on Spartacus there is a lot of room to “fill in” and embellish on the true myth that is the man.  I laugh at the idiots who actually take time to form an argument about how this series isn’t accurate.  ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?  This is entertainment!  Pure and simple!! 

I truly enjoyed every episode in this DVD but my favorites were #5 and #10.  Matter of fact I shouted on very loud s-bomb in the middle of #5 that pretty much woke up the house.  Episode #10 I must have watched the last fifteen minutes five or six times.  Not joking.  All in all this was a very good DVD, but at only ten episodes calling this a season is a joke.  I hope the cast and crew are given more time to really bring it home with ‘Spartacus: War of the Damned’.

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