Sunday, September 2, 2012

'Z Rated: Chocolate Flava 3' presented by Zane

Whoever said "patience was a virtue" obviously wasn't a book lover. Having to wait on a book (written or edited) by Zane is as pleasingly torturous as watching Gabrielle Union getting undressed... slowly. You want her to hurry up and take her time at the same time!  Well 'Z-Rated' is here and Gabrielle is naked (just work with me here).  Picking stories to put in a collection has to be an impossible job. Choosing the right stories out of the thousands of submissions must be as stressful as it is fun.  I mean we are talking erotica here folks.  

Reading this book, for me, was a no-brainer. Zane is a talent no doubt, but a talent who is also good people. And that matters. TRUST ME. In a world of fewer dollars and more (not necessarily better) books, you better believe that having an author/editor/publisher that cares about their industry and readers, matters.

But enough of the Jason soapbox, let's get to the sex!  Hot, nasty, steamy, call out to Jesus and his best friend, dirty, on top of the car, under the bleachers, all up in it sex!!  Zander starts us off and Allison Hobbs follows. See?  Right there with that starting lineup you know Zane is coming out strong and ain't playing any games. 'Meat Me' by Lynn Lake is the story that really sets it off. Oh my goodness!!  This woman is the definition of "freak" and has the spent body to prove it. This story is hot, hot, FREAKING hot!!

'Choices' by Tenille Brown is another one that stands out. Why?  Because of her short purple dress and mocha colored thighs, that's why. (Oh yeah... and the orgasmic sex on the Cadillac didn't hurt either).  The Night Game by Patt Mihailoff is another extremely sexual and extremely physical short story.  Ive never been big on Little League baseball, but I might now.  The animalistic passion given off by Jaleel and Nyrah will have you at the ballpark at night with a flashlight just hoping!  The Pussy Pleaser by Cairo is about what you would expect from the male freak himself.  The first sentence in this story speaks truth and judging by the stuff he posts on FaceBook, its probably his personal motto.  The Brother by Alegra Verde gets a mention because its just plain damn wrong.  Sexy as hell!!  But wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!  Atlanta Proper by Tabitha Strong is hot because we see that like murder, the statue of lust has no time limitations.   Sweet Chocolates First Taste by Richard Burns is a sweet (yeah I said sweet) story about a soldiers first time.  Every male should be so lucky to meet a real woman like Trisha. 

My literary lust continues with Sneakin and Peekin by Perkdaddy is about a voyeurs dream come true like you wouldnt believe.  Now, when I got to the next story I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, a little shocked, and very pleased to see that Rachel Kramer Bussel had a story in here.  Now if you dont know who RKB is let me help you out.  Shes a freaking legend!  Getting her is like signing the 2000s Kobe Bryant on the 1990s Bulls team.  Its like having Meagan Good ride you reverse cowgirl immediately after having Nicole Ari Parker doggy style.  Rachels story is Party On and if youre into spankings and being dominated, this one is for you.  Hell, even if you ARENT into spanking and being dominated, this one would be for you. 

Zane closes this collection with a banger!  Throughout this entire collection I thought I had seen and read almost every freaky thing these authors could come up with.  Zane still found a way to shock me.  I (of course) wont tell you but I have never, and I mean NEVER heard of doing that with strawberries.  Seriously Zane?  OMG!!!!  As with every Zane story there is the laugh out loud moments and the orgasm out loud moments.  (Barnacle?) 

This anthology ends with contact info for the authors and a special treat; another short story, this time from R.W. Shannon.  All in all there are twenty-seven short stories (twenty-seven!) in here to keep you and your partner slick, sweaty, sticky, and satisfied.  But dont take my word for it OK maybe you should take my word for it, this will be one collection that youll want to keep on your shelf at work or on your tablet to revisit from time to time.  Speaking of which, I gotta go now


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