Thursday, October 18, 2012

'I Have a Dream' by Kadir Nelson

It doesn't seem right; that we can go into a bookstore and find a book whose artwork should be in a museum and whose words should be between leather bound covers.  Anyone with a brain knows of Dr. King's speech, and anyone with a soul has had it stirred when they hear it.  Kadir Nelson takes one of the most iconic speeches in the history of us and combines it with artwork that can only be described as 'soul candy'.  

Why?  Because it is just that.  My parent's generation will smile and bear witness that they were blessed to live during the time of this amazing man.  My generation will be grateful and a bit jealous that we missed the living era of Martin.  My children's generation can only hope that there will be a man anywhere close to the person that was Dr. King.  

Dr. King’s "I Have a Dream" speech will obviously stand out but the other treat is Kadir's mesmerizing artwork.  The cover of this book tells you exactly what you'll see on the inside.  His work is moving, spiritual, inspiring, stunning, timeless, and historic.  

This book is an annotated version of Dr. King's speech in concert with Kadir's afore mentioned soulful artwork.  This book also comes with a CD that has Dr. King's complete speech on it AND the entire speech is printed at the end of this book as well.  Dr. King’s legacy and his speech have been used by everyone; and not all of it good.  Dr. King’s legacy really doesn’t need any embellishment or added fluff.  The memorial in Washington (FINALLY) and this book are two instances where it IS needed.  And welcomed.  Now please understand that I don’t mean to compare the memorial with this book, it’s just that in a world where there are countless Dr. King highways, youth centers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, and parks, it’s nice to have two shining examples of a true representation of Dr. King’s legacy.

But unlike the memorial you won’t have to travel to Washington to enjoy this book.  Your local bookstore will do. 

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