Friday, November 2, 2012

'Church Folks Gotta laugh Too' by Nephew Tommy

I ran across Nephew Tommy a few months ago while searching for comedians on ‘Rhapsody’.  I do a lot of walking and sometimes I just get tired of music.  Not sure what to expect I started listening to him.  Now, in my (crappy) city we don’t get the Steve Harvey Morning Show so I had no idea who this guy was.  I do now.  A very long time ago prank phone calls were all the rage but they kind of died out.  Tommy brought it back and his are actually VERY funny! 

I went through all of his CD’s and easily listened to them three or four times over.  I thought I heard them all, until I came across this one.  I impulse buy like you wouldn’t believe and this time was no different.  

I wish I would have waited. 

 NOT because this isn’t a funny CD (the man is a trip) but some of this stuff is recycled material and available on his other CD’s.  That’s a huge problem for me.  If you’re going to use old material then you need to make that clear on your “new” CD.  It’s not made clear here.  I believe that Tommy has five or six CD’s but it could be more because some are now out of print.  Either way, I don’t like paying for things twice.

Now… if this is your first time hearing Tommy then you will love this CD because it is Tommy being Tommy and some of these pranks are freaking FUNNY!  Especially when he pranks a real-life pastor!  Wow!  If you have purchased any of Tommy’s other CD’s make sure that you sample the track list to make sure you haven’t heard them.  

All in all this is a CD that is very, very funny and I hope that Tommy continues.  I just think it’s in the best interest of the artist/record company to let their fans know if the material is repeated.  It’s only three, but three tracks out of ten is pretty high.  ‘The Benediction’ isn’t a prank call; it’s more like a thank you for listening to my album.

Track List:
1.     The Wedding
2.     A Wedding and A Funeral
3.     Repo The Pews (repeat)
4.     Will A Man Rob God?
5.     The Stellar Awards
6.     Men of Standard
7.     The Book of Virgil (NOT a repeat, but funny as hell!!!!!!!!)
8.     Writing Hot Checks at Church (repeat)
9.     You Prayed For A Job (repeat)
10.                       The Benediction
11.                       The Preacher’s Wife (if you needed any proof that Tommy’s a nut this one will do it).