Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Everything Fades Away' by Zane

It’s almost not fair.  You got these other cats out here trying their best to be the “next” big erotic writer.  Zane comes along, drops an eBook, and puts that in check real quick!  This is a short story.  This is an erotic story.  This is a short, erotic story.  If you had any doubts that Zane could still rock her erotica roots with everything else she’s doing… stop.

This story opens with our main character in pure sexual bliss.  Yeah, Amanda has more tongue on her than a salt lick and Gideon is probably the luckiest man in America.  Actually I take that back, I just remembered that hotel scene… Gideon IS the luckiest man in America.  These two are like teenagers that have just discovered sex, and Zane gives us a very voyeuristic view of their extremely sexual trysts.

Yep, even though it’s a short story Zane reminds us that she is still the erotic queen.  As if there was ever any doubt.

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  1. I will definitely check this out. Great review Jason!!

    Tiffany Craig
    Read It All Book Reviews