Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Scandalous' by Victoria Christopher Murray

There are certain genres that I just don’t read.  Romance, non-fiction, poetry (UGH!), and Christian fiction.  Victoria Christopher Murray falls in the last category… although she might have issueS with the “Christian fiction” label.  That’s what I call it.  My books have to have a certain “ump” to them.  They either have to have lots of graphic violence and/or graphic sex and/or graphic drama and/or characters that need Jesus more than Satan.  (Ad yes, I DO know that I just said “graphic drama”)  I know it’s prejudiced but Christian fiction just doesn’t have that “ump”, and it’s probably not supposed to.  So because it doesn’t I usually just skip it.  So what in the world made me choose this book?  
  1. Ummm… look at the cover (just kidding).
  2. No I’m not kidding.
  3. A pretty little birdie in D.C. told me it was good and I trust her judgement.
  4. I’m willing to at least try other genres.
So did I enjoy this book?  Without intending to offend the Christian fiction readers that might be reading this review, “HELL YES”!!  Victoria can write and she can write well.  Extremely well.  Even though this book didn’t have the graphic details that I look for it did have the other thing I look for; a very GOOD story.  Actually let me back up and say that while this book didn’t have the graphic details of the things I’m used to, it does have that in here.  

Jasmine is a mess.  She’s a woman who enjoys sex (a LOT of it) and she is also very comfortable with holding others to a different standard than she holds herself.  Conveniently delusional is a pretty good description.  Buuuuuut she’s about to get married and all that is about to change.  Right?  Not hardly.  Matter of fact, a good argument could be made that she’s even more scandalous now than before she was engaged.  She’s engaged to Kenny, but meets a dude named Roman.  She absolutely loves Kenny and her only attachment to Roman is that he can make her va-jay-jay sing like Mariah Carey.  Kenny can’t.  

But Jasmine has other demons and it seems that she is almost forcing herself to marry Kenny.  Don’t get me wrong, Kenny is a good man but he’s not the right man for Jasmine.  I felt bad for him because he has no idea that he’s about to commit to something that he can’t control.  Or even contain.  Jasmine gets caught up and the repercussions are serious.  So serious that I was absolutely shocked to read about one incident.  I love authors that write “to the point of no return” and Victoria has a scene in here that made my jaw drop.  I sincerely didn’t expect that.  Nor did I expect the ending.  

This isn’t fair.  Now I have to put Victoria’s other books in my reading que because I have to see if Jasmine is still a nut.  (She is.) This eBook is a prequel and it looks like the husband in this one isn’t the same one in others.  Not a spoiler, because like I just said, this is a prequel.  I had a blast reading this book and I almost feel bad waiting this long to read a book by Victoria Christopher Murray.  I say ‘almost’ because I hate waiting for books in a series.  Now I can just fly through the “Jasmine Chronicles” without having to pretend that I’m Job and having patience while waiting for the next book!  

 Great job Victoria. 

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  1. Thank you Jason. Now i have to put this novel at the top of my reading list. I am aware of Jasmine, she is something else. I am looking forward to another good read by this author, especially after your great review.