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Jason's Favorite Books of 2012

Well, as 2012 draws to a close it’s time for me to reflect on the books that made me lose sleep, skip lunch, take extra long breaks, postpone lovin’ (just kidding on that one), and spend too much money.  

The lamentations of a book lover.  

This year I read 60 books.  Lower than most years, higher than others, more than what I’ll read when I’m dead.  What were your favorite book(s) this year?  Please feel free to share.  

The list below are my favorite books of 2012 in the order in which I read them.  I stopped numbering (#1, #2, #3) my books a couple years ago.  If you would like to read the review I did on the book, please click on the book’s title.  Clicking on the author’s name will take you to their website.

Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson: As much as I try to avoid non-fiction like Ebola, I just had to read this one.  Toi, my rep from Simon & Schuster, sent me a copy started off my reading year with a BAM!!  I seriously don’t want to hear about your fake ass Apple hate, Steve Jobs was THA man and this biography, while coming in at almost 700 pages, is just a beginning if you want to learn more about this amazing man and his vision.   

The Governor’s Wife’ by Mark Gimenez: I’ve been a fan of Mark since ‘The Color of Law’.  Every damn book this guy has written has been a winner!  I just wish the American publishers would get pull their head out their ass and sign this guy!  I’m tired of going to Mark’s website and seeing how his books are constantly in various Top 10 list across the pond.  Geez!!  If you have any doubt if this book is good, then just ask Victoria Christopher Murray.  I sent her a copy.

‘Eskkar and Trella’ by Sam Barone: I’ve been a fan of Sam’s for years.  I’ve followed the adventures of Eskkar from book one, to the prequel, back to the present.  Sam writes thick books so find a secluded cabin, a billowing snow storm, a couch by a wall-to-wall window, sit back and prepare yourself for a book to get lost in.  I just checked and I see that Sam has a new one out!  SWEET!  (Thanks for the eMail Sam.  Not).

‘Horses on the Storm’ by William Altimari: A kick ass book about Roman soldiers fighting in the desert.  Rufio is a character I shall not soon forget.  William is a classy guy as well.  He sent me a hardcover of this book.  As a surprise.  Signed.  Fan for life.

‘An Accidental Affair’ by Eric Jerome Dickey: The man can write better than most of us breathe.  His intellect is as sharp has his wit.  He likes Jeeps.  He’s my #1 favorite author of all time.  Period.  What more need be said?    

‘Wind Through the Keyhole’ by Stephen King: This is my #2 favorite author of all time.  ‘The Dark Tower’ series is the reason the word ‘epic’ was invented.  Grand and magnificent in every way, ‘The Dark Tower’ will be a series that I will read in my golden years. (I hope).  Stephen takes us back to that magical time with a small addition that fits between books 4 and 5.  This man is crazy talented, with an emphasis on crazy.

‘Spartacus’ by Ben Kane: Bloody.  Brutal.  Rapacious.  (Did I mention brutal?).  Just the kind of book I like.

‘Black List’ by Brad Thor: This one easily fits in Brad’s Top 3 books.  What happens when Big Brother has an unlimited budget, bad guys in charge, and idiots in charge of them?  This book will tell you.  And this book will scare you.  You’ll never look at your iPhone or computer the same way.

‘Slaves of the Empire’ by Aaron Travis: I was looking up books on gladiator about four years ago.  This one popped up but at the time it was out of print.  I looked liked one that would be perfect for me so I kept checking.  Through the mysterious power of the eBook I was able to get my hand on a copy.  I honestly didn’t know what I was in for.  You won’t either.  Wanna find out?  Click here

‘No Easy Day’ by Mark Owen: This is the second non-fiction book on my list.  WTH!?!

‘The Last Man’ by Vince Flynn: There are three HUGE things that happen in this novel that will forever change the course of Mitch Rapp’s life. 

‘Scandalous’ by Victoria Christopher Murray: My only foray into Christian fiction.  Wait… wait… wait… it’s NOT Christian fiction!  It’s just a story with a strong religious theme.  Well whatever you choose to call it, one thing you won’t call it is boring.  Jasmine is my new literary crush… well at least the pre-church Jasmine.

‘Sword and Scimitar’ by Simon Scarrow: The Siege of Malta, known to many as the bloodiest and most brutal in history, is told by one of historical fiction’s finest writers. 

'Battle for Empire' by Sam Barone: The ONLY book I’ve ever added after my “best of” list had already been posted.  And damn well worth it!!

For me, 2012 was also the year of ‘The Walking Dead’.  I took some website up on an offer to download the first issue for free, and that’s all she wrote.  I went through sixteen volumes in about three months.  For me that’s blazing fast.  And blazing expensive.  But since I’m willing to forgo food for books I didn’t really give it much thought.  I know the world has gone ‘Walking Dead’ crazy with the TV show, but if you want to really get to know the characters and read about the little things that the show skips, then get the graphic novels.  Robert Kirkman can definitely tell a story.   It’s not just some jumbled up black and white art with blood and gore for sensationalism.  There is substance here and for me that is the driving force behind why I’m such a fan.

Well there you have it.  One man out of six billion giving his take on thirteen books out of three hundred million.  I hope you enjoy it.

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