Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Politics. Escorts. Blackmail.' by Pynk

Every once in a while, when reading an erotic novel I stop fantasizing about the characters and start fantasizing about the author.  This is one of those times.  In ‘Politics. Escorts. Blackmail.Pynk gives us a book that is so chock full of sex that you wonder if she wrote this while engaged in it.  You know how sometimes a reporter will visit a war torn country to get the “real story”?  Or how an actor might starve themselves for an important role?  I’m thinking Pynk might have been naked with some lucky man giving her some tongue lovin’ while she was writing. 

Oh it can happen.  Pynk sitting at her desk after a nice long bath, her body still warm from the water… her skin still perfumed with the smell of sensuous bath oils… her little lady shaved and smooth.  She picks up her phone and sends me… I mean sends this unknown and unnamed guy an iMessage that says simply “inspire me”.  How else could she pen such a sexually charged story? 
And please do not pick up this book if you only jumped on the erotic bandwagon because of that weak ’50 Shades’ shit.  This here is erotic for grown folk.  Folks who KNOW what good erotica is.  There book here is a veritable sexual buffet for the taking… just be ready to eat.  Pynk wrote this book like she had something to prove.  She doesn’t, but it’s nice to read an author who loves what they do.  And Pynk LOVES what she does.

There are about six or seven sexual scenes in this book that had me going “what tha’ fuck!?!!?”, but there was one that had me floored.  I won’t tell you exactly what happened but I will give you a hint.  Dentures.  Oh yeah, Pynk delivers a book about twisted desires, secret desires, fulfilled desires, UNfulfilled desires, paid desires, forced desires, “Ellen” desires, and large desires.  I loved that she put my hometown of Columbia, SC in the story as well.  And yeah, there is a story here.  It’s not just about the sex.  There’s a spider web of characters that create a spider web of drama that covers a nice sticky web of sex.

Prepare yourself.  Actually I take that back.  Why tell you to do something which is impossible?  Grab this book, grab your lover, grab yourself… hell grab something!  ‘Politics. Escorts. Blackmail. is Pynk at her sexual best.


I would like to thank Pynk, Yolanda Gore, and Grand Central Publishing for including me on this blog tour.  I was able to get a print copy AND a digital copy of this book.   Perfect for book lovers like me who like reading when and how ever the hell we like.  Besides, the eBook version allows you to make notes.  You know… for when you run out of Viagra and you need some stimulation.  RUBICON OUT!!!!


  1. Wooooo!! Now, if I hadn't already read the book, I would be running out to get this book ASAP! Jason you did a great job! You're right...that denture scene. Oh me oh my.

  2. Thanks. But not everyone thinks so.