Thursday, January 17, 2013

AT&T screws up. Again.

Dear AT&T,

My name is Jason Frost and I just want to voice my displeasure at your recent decisions.  I have been a customer of yours for over fifteen years and despite a few headaches, I’ve been pretty happy. Recently (in the past year or so) you have made some decisions that have caused me to look at other carriers.  I am one of your “grandfathered” iPhone users and it seems that instead of being appreciated for my loyalty to your company, I find myself being penalized.  

Throttling, restrictions, and recently denial to FaceTime over 3G have caused me, for the first time since I’ve gotten a cell phone, to look at other companies.  It would seem by your actions that you feel new customers, who will stay with you for a minimum for two years, are more valuable than a customer that has been with you for over fifteen.  


It seems like you are steering your most loyal customers off the unlimited data plan toward a tiered plan, but what you’re doing instead is pushing them toward other carriers.  If a company that I’ve been giving money to for the past fifteen years doesn’t value my loyalty then I see no reason to stay.  I sincerely hope you reconsider your decisions toward your most loyal customers or your most loyal customers will reconsider their decision toward you.

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