Friday, February 15, 2013

'A Social Affair' by Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell

My interview with the very talented and very sexy Pat Tucker:

Pat Tucker talks to RubiconReader

OK… this book was just plain nuts!!  If you want to read about everything that can go wrong when hooking up with someone you meet online, here it is.  But let me say this, if you are as stupid as the folks in this book then you deserve to be caught!  Lord have mercy, if I didn’t read this entire book shaking my head then my name isn’t “Jason the Caramel Book Lover”. (hush).  Codi, Katina, Quinn, and Larry are about THE simplest minded people this side of a small yellow bus.

Quinn and Codi are unhappy with their lives.  The marriage is dull, the sex is whack, and their spouses are short a few brain cells (it’s cool… so are they), and they are looking for something else.  Enter social networking.  In a world where you carry a device in your pocket that can access the web at any place or anytime, you find that you can be anyone at anytime.  And they do.  Like I said earlier these two are simple but so are their friends, the catalyst that pushes them into this world.  And this crazy ride becomes even crazier!  

OK, can we at least agree that IF you are going to create a fake FaceBook profile that you’ll keep that profile fake?  Why would you go and try to make that fantasy a reality?  If you tell your “followers” that you have a six pack and the only six pack you have is inside your fridge… see the problem here?  Well, these fools try and the results are funny as hell!  Now as bad as it may sound I think that making and keeping a fake profile can work (look at the evidence) as long as you don’t try and act on it.  Unfortunately the temptation of easy sex is way too much to pass up.  When you’ve got a spouse who is a bedroom dud, even just the hint of a back-breaking orgasm from a stranger will cause you to become Paris Hilton dumb.

Pretending to be someone else is also an aphrodisiac.  Just ask Codi.  Easy money = easy honey… or is it the other way around?  A few days ago I had the pleasure of tuning into BlogTalk radio and listening to Pat and Earl talk about this book.  In the chat room I said “there are some people who deserve to be cheated on”.  I still stand by that statement.  Read this book and tell me if you don’t feel the same way.  Seriously.  All four of these fools have issues and you can’t expect someone to put up with your crap forever. 

So we have a couple of people faking it online, friends helping them out, the John’s who enjoy the good-good, the spouses who catch the sniff-sniff, and not a complete brain between the lot of them. This book will have you laughing and disgusted at the same time.  The term "ratchet" was used on the talk show as well.  There is no official definition of "ratchet" the way it's used here, but if I had to venture a guess it would be:

Ratchet - (noun & verb): 1. the art of acting stupid and ghetto at the same time. 2. Ignoring home training and acting severe enough to embarrass yourself, your race, and your mama. 3. The art of using certain... (ahem) products... for things other than their intended purpose.

There were a few weird plot transitions and the ending felt rushed, but I still had fun reading it.  I have read Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell in the past and have enjoyed their work.  It’s always a gamble when authors write together because it can go either way.  I’m happy to say that this is a successful effort by two wonderful authors.  


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