Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned' by Walter Mosley

Walking around carrying a Mosley book makes you look smart.  Talking about Walter Mosley makes you appear smart.  Reading Walter Mosley makes you feel smart.  Understanding Walter Mosley makes you smart. 

It's probably a good idea that Mosley choose to introduce us to Socrates Fortlow in fourteen short stories instead of one book.  It would have been too powerful. Socrates Fortlow is an murdering rapist ex-con who has served twenty-seven hard years behind bars.  He's out now, and this Black hulk of a man is loose on the streets in the city of angles.

These fourteen short stories give us a look into the daily life of Socrates. And while they are connected, they aren't in the way you might think. Man, beast, killer, scholar; Socrates. I highlighted so many passages in this book that my pages looks like a freaking rainbow threw up. The simple logic used by Socrates is the force behind this unique collection, and you'll find yourself hoping situations will go wrong... just so you can see what our man will do.

Unfortunately you won't have to hope for that, trouble is already waiting. Sometimes the universe puts it there, other times Socrates opens the door and lays out a welcome mat. Mosley is a modern storytelling icon and he does a masterful job of showing the natural brutality of Mr. Fortlow and his simple, yet effective, brand of street philosophy. 


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