Sunday, February 24, 2013

'Harbinger' by Jonathan Cahn

OK, what the hell kind of book was this?! I was expecting an exciting story along with the prophecy and whatnot, but instead what I got was a bunch of preaching inside a slow, boring, story.  And let me say here that I don't necessarily disagree with the prophecy, but the way it was presented here was just PLAIN DULL!  There was almost nothing to pull me through this story and that is what I need when reading a book.

This book should be classified as non-fiction. If you're looking for an exciting book that deals with the end of the world prophecy then I highly recommend Joel Rosenberg.  I wouldn't recommend this book to torture victims.  There is way too much set-up and very little return. I swear if I had to read about one more freaking seal and fight through one more back and forth conversation...

As a book lover my biggest issue with this book is it tries to disguise itself as a story when in fact it just chapter after chapter of preaching and blandness. I guess I "understand" why the religious love this book so, but as a book lover there is no way I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story.  


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