Friday, March 29, 2013

'Apacheria' by William Altimari

I was in the mood for a western, but I was having a hard time finding a good one.  In my frustrating search I came across this one.  The weird part is that I've read AND enjoyed the other books by Mr. Altimari, but somehow this one just managed to slip past me. Fortunately there are no expiration dates on books so I grabbed it up.

And I enjoyed it as much as I have the others. Damn this man can tell stories.

After I read this story I was trying to think why I enjoyed this book so. The more I thought about it the conclusion I came to was, this story was during the time when men were men, your words carried weight, and you respected your enemies. Willingly or not. Red McGregor is a burly Colonel who has just left the army and, as luck would have it, ends up right where he should be. But not where some folks want him.

Katy is a little girl who is exactly where she should be as well. In this book and also as Red's friend. Now let me say this... usually I CAN'T STAND to read books with annoying, pretentious, bratty, out of place little girls. Especially a Western. All too many times they are out of place and the story surrounding them is trite, boring, dull, and in a lot of cases,  unbelievable.

Not this time. If you don't fall for Katy then you have no soul. You know how you can sometimes find a rose growing from concrete?  That's her.  In the middle of all the violence, blood, and war, there is a little girl who has an effect on men that is... special. 

This is a western written the way western's should be written. Cowboys, Indians, brutal language, mean-ass bad guys, and just the slightest hint of saloon whores.  William is an independent author who works with an independent publishing company so he already works his butt off.  I’m going to be selfish and say that I want him to work harder because I need him to put out more books.  It is my pleasure to be able to highly recommend this book… as I have his others.  

'Arena: First Sword' by Simon Scarrow

Marcus Antonius Palla and Servius Ulpius Murena. After I finished this volume I sincerely had to think of the last time I read about two characters I've hated more. Cowards with power. The wield it like children and woe to you if you're in their line of fire. Pavo and Macro are only not in their line of fire, but they have their chest painted with a big fat "kick me" sign.

This short story finds Macro as the new lanista and Pavo as the new 'first sword'. Of course neither of them wish to be there in there respective positions, but how they feel or what they want means little (very little) when it comes to the Emperor getting what HE wants.  Imagine  our sweet little Macro in charge of whipping gladiators into shape. Now imagine these same gladiators having to play second fiddle to poor-little-rich-boy Pavo.

Fireworks have seen less gunpowder.

What I like about Simon Scarrow's writing is that his stories are very entertaining and you can trust that each book, or installment in this case, will be the same way. It is violent in a way that isn't gratuitous but still in your face. He has drama that is almost concrete because of the way it makes you feel, but not that cheesy two-minute drama that we ALL hate.

The only thing missing is the women... with as much crap as these two have to put up with I wish there was a way I could give them coin. You know... a donation to the Macro and Pavo Foundation for the Needy. Ah hell, get this volume and then impatiently wait for the final two installments.  If you've been following this series you'll notice that the release dates have been changed. 'Arena:Revenge' is now May 23rd and 'Arena: Champion' is now July 18th. 

One last thing: do NOT read the synopsis they have posted for the not yet released eBooks in this series.  If you're a follower they will contain spoilers. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

'Eat. Sleep. Read.' T-shirts

Here is the information for the Eat. Sleep. Read. t-shirts. They will be available in about two weeks and you have the option to place your order now. You may pre-order but you are not required to pre-pay. HOWEVER, orders that are pre-paid will be fulfilled first. The colors are: Jet Black, Classic Red, Thyme, and Clean Denim

- Prices for the t-shirts are $19.99/each. XXL is $21.99/each.
- Sizes are small - medium - large - XL - XXL.
- Shipping is $2.50 per shirt.
- If you would like to order more than 5 shirts please let me know and I'll work with you on price.
- Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.
- Take a picture wearing your shirt and I will add you to my Eat.  Sleep. Read. Hall of Fame.
- If you have any questions please eMail me at

Monday, March 4, 2013

'Lies Told in the Bedroom' edited by Anna J.

'Lies Told in the Bedroom' is a four story erotic collection brought to you by the darling Anna J. I've enjoyed her "Anna J presents Erotic Snapshots' collection so getting this one was a no-brainer. This collection starts out with a story called ‘Serendipity' by Shakir Rashaan. I must say that when I started reading it I had to go back and re-read a few passages because I was like "nooooooo, that wasn't... wait... yes it was..."  (damn). Not my cup of tea but I enjoyed the story. Especially then end. Hot and naughty!!

'Double Dealing' by Niyah Moore I read it but I read it mad. Not because of the story, but rather because of the characters. Yet more idiots swayed by the power and seduction of the ill na-na. Can the good good be that good?  I guess so. Sergio had me cursing his stupid ass out!  (No I’m not kidding.  Just ask the people that were at the Carl’s Jr. near The Marketplace during lunch on 3/1/2013).  This is a very sexual story about three people caught up in a never ending web of lies, hidden truths, and mind blowing orgasms so strong they cause paralysis.

'Shame on it All' by Rukyyah is another very sexual story about being .... whipped :-) Its about revenge too. The last few paragraphs I was like like "dayyyuuummmm"!  If you wanna get revenge on someone I can't think of a better way than that.

'Breach of Contract' by Curtis Alexander was my favorite of the four. I like hit men and I like hot, sexy, uninhibited women and this story has both. This one was also a who-done-it mystery. Short and fast but it worked. I also get the feeling that this one might be continue in another volume. Why?  The ending was left so wide open that I heard New York wanted to rent it as a tunnel.  I for one hope this story continues.

This short erotic collection gives you exactly what you would look for in something like this.  Sexual stories chock full of sweaty people having sex while thinking about the next time they will have sex while trying to outdo the last time they had sex.  Good luck keeping up.  Good luck trying not to get horny.  Keep ‘em coming Anna J.!

Oh, one last thing... that is one HOT ASS cover!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

'The Walking Dead 17 - Something To Fear' by Robert Kirkman

One of the better things I enjoy about ‘The Walking Dead’ series is the writing.  The black and white artwork is amazing, yes.  But what caught me from comic 1 was the story.  With any series there are certain volumes that stand out as being “better” than others.  That’s kinda’ par for the course.  ‘The Walking Dead’ volume 18 entitled ‘Something To Fear’ is very, VERY good.  Two major characters eat it and both see extremely violent ends.  And I mean one is just… horrible.  Knowing that someone is about to die is one thing, but having to watch it up close, blow for blow is another.  That’s one of the few times that you’ll be thankful this series in black and white.

All of the volumes read fast but this one seems to blaze by.  I devoured this book so fast I had fat people at Golden Corral asking for my autograph.  Bloody, violent, gruesome, mean, shocking.  Hypnotic.  One of the few black eyes of this series is the slowing down of the action when the group settled down.  Not here.  Not in this volume.  I’m bloody tempted to get the individual comics since #18 doesn’t come out until June… Ah well! 

This is one guilty pleasure I don’t feel a damn bit guilty of.