Friday, March 29, 2013

'Apacheria' by William Altimari

I was in the mood for a western, but I was having a hard time finding a good one.  In my frustrating search I came across this one.  The weird part is that I've read AND enjoyed the other books by Mr. Altimari, but somehow this one just managed to slip past me. Fortunately there are no expiration dates on books so I grabbed it up.

And I enjoyed it as much as I have the others. Damn this man can tell stories.

After I read this story I was trying to think why I enjoyed this book so. The more I thought about it the conclusion I came to was, this story was during the time when men were men, your words carried weight, and you respected your enemies. Willingly or not. Red McGregor is a burly Colonel who has just left the army and, as luck would have it, ends up right where he should be. But not where some folks want him.

Katy is a little girl who is exactly where she should be as well. In this book and also as Red's friend. Now let me say this... usually I CAN'T STAND to read books with annoying, pretentious, bratty, out of place little girls. Especially a Western. All too many times they are out of place and the story surrounding them is trite, boring, dull, and in a lot of cases,  unbelievable.

Not this time. If you don't fall for Katy then you have no soul. You know how you can sometimes find a rose growing from concrete?  That's her.  In the middle of all the violence, blood, and war, there is a little girl who has an effect on men that is... special. 

This is a western written the way western's should be written. Cowboys, Indians, brutal language, mean-ass bad guys, and just the slightest hint of saloon whores.  William is an independent author who works with an independent publishing company so he already works his butt off.  I’m going to be selfish and say that I want him to work harder because I need him to put out more books.  It is my pleasure to be able to highly recommend this book… as I have his others.  

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