Friday, March 1, 2013

'The Walking Dead 17 - Something To Fear' by Robert Kirkman

One of the better things I enjoy about ‘The Walking Dead’ series is the writing.  The black and white artwork is amazing, yes.  But what caught me from comic 1 was the story.  With any series there are certain volumes that stand out as being “better” than others.  That’s kinda’ par for the course.  ‘The Walking Dead’ volume 18 entitled ‘Something To Fear’ is very, VERY good.  Two major characters eat it and both see extremely violent ends.  And I mean one is just… horrible.  Knowing that someone is about to die is one thing, but having to watch it up close, blow for blow is another.  That’s one of the few times that you’ll be thankful this series in black and white.

All of the volumes read fast but this one seems to blaze by.  I devoured this book so fast I had fat people at Golden Corral asking for my autograph.  Bloody, violent, gruesome, mean, shocking.  Hypnotic.  One of the few black eyes of this series is the slowing down of the action when the group settled down.  Not here.  Not in this volume.  I’m bloody tempted to get the individual comics since #18 doesn’t come out until June… Ah well! 

This is one guilty pleasure I don’t feel a damn bit guilty of.


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