Wednesday, April 24, 2013

'Decadence' by Eric Jerome Dickey

I usually have a review for Eric Jerome Dickey’s new book ready to go on the release date. Matter of fact I’m such a nut that I usually stay up till 12:01 AM and wait for Amazon (ugh) to “release” the hold so that I can post.  I didn’t do that this time.  I couldn’t do that this time.  Why?  Because I'm intimidated.  Why?  Would you ask Britney Spears to critique Patti LaBelle?  Would you ask the YouTube piano cat to critique Mozart?  Would you ask Napoleon Dynamite to critique Alvin Ailey?  No you wouldn’t. See my problem? 

Ah well, it is what it is. I'll move on and hope that I can do a little bit of justice to what is the best book I have read this year. This is a story that is completely and wholly saturated in sex. But the little death  is only the engine to a much bigger vehicle. Nia Simone Bijou is back and well... she's back.  And she's matured. That in and of itself is scary.  She is a woman who is completely and totally 100% sure of what she wants. And what she wants is enough carnal pleasure and universe creating orgasms to make God question if he is indeed its creator.

As per Eric , the title of  this book has as many different meanings as heaven has angels. 'Decadence'.  Can a word define itself?  Ask Nia and she'll define it for you. In deeds, thoughts, and fantasies. But I doubt you'll be ready. I wasn't. If you thought 'Pleasure' was a gumbo of eroticism, you'll swear 'Decadence' is her maternal twin. 

'Decadence' (noun) is an elite club that caters to the sexually free and the sexually athletic. If there was ever a club made for Nia, this would be it. No inhibitions whatsoever and you can choose to be a "watcher" or a "doer". Nia is Gemini to both, but this story becomes lusciously excruciating when she chooses to participate. Even if you don't like certain sexual situations, I defy you to read this and not be... Uummmm... moved. :-)  Nia is every man's and woman's dream and nightmare. How is it she can be both Phobetor and  Morpheus?  Read. Find out.

'Decadence' (adjective, verb) is what Nia and the other club members personify. How much?  Think of an Olympic diver on the platform. Think of the pool filled with caramel. 'Decadence' is what you'll be covered in when you land. Nia indulges in decadent decadence and Eric paints a picture so vividly erotic you could see a blush on Seal.

'Decadence' (adjective) also describes the love affair between Eric and his characters. The language in this book is simply... beautiful. When you read this story do so with a highlighter. (and Google Maps). If you use an eReader it will be as colorful as Lucky Charms. The sexuality between the characters is second to none, but the sensuality of the words have a sultriness all their own.  Eric is probably the only writer who will make you want to use your tongue both for sex and soliloquy. In the same damn sentence. Come for the sex, stay for the pillow talk.

Now... let me get serious for a moment.  I'm a fan of Eric's because he is simply the best writer I know. I say that with 100% sincerity. But even I wasn't ready for this... page 333 until page 340 is the best writing Eric has ever done. And I'm not kidding. I'm seriously getting chills as I write this and reread that. The words are so pure in nature and so honest in their delivery that those seven pages will literally make you shake. It will make you put the book down. It will make you speed readers become slow readers and you slow readers become Medusa's lover's. Saying that time stopped would be a little too much, but saying that those seven pages made everything else not matter, isn't. 

I've said it before but Eric is simply, tha' man. He writes, we read. He dreams, we voyeur. He travels, we experience. He quits, we die. (OK I admit that last one was a bit melodramatic but I trust I made my point). Nia Simone Bijou. Nia Simone Bijou. Nia Simone Bijou. I wonder if I say her name three times in a mirror will she come to life...?


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'Interview with Pat Tucker'

A conversation with Author Pat Tucker… the author of A Social Affair… the new book about people who hate their real lives so much that they turn to Facebook and create the ones they’ve always wanted.

About Pat: Pat Tucker is a sexy, but imperfect, author who fully embraces all of her quirks. Regardless of whether I can call myself sexy… I just did! I have a dry sense of humor and I enjoy making up stories about other people. You can learn more about me at 

JF: What do you think the main reason is people create an online persona?
PT: I think people create an online persona as a way to meet other people, connect with old friends and escape from their everyday life. When used properly, I think social media sites can enhance our lives. It’s when people use it for bad that creates problems. Social media sites don’t make people do wrong, or force people to do things they’d never do, the access simply makes it easier.

JF: Can creating an online persona be healthy for people?
PT: The jury is still out on whether an online persona can be healthy for people. I think it depends on the person and their intent. If the person is up to no good, then that persona will most likely not be a good thing. But in cases where the elderly who are alone, or people who are unable to move around and socialize in person, that may be healthy. It all depends on the person and their intent.

JF: What was it like writing with Earl Sewell? 
PT: The collaboration with Earl Sewell was lots of fun, he didn’t know what hit him! It was great to write with a partner who had no idea what to expect. Working together pushed us both as authors and allowed us to encourage each other to do a great job.  But let the record reflect, I chose him, despite what he says now!

JF: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?
PT: There isn’t any one thing I enjoy most about being a writer. I think having a release for my creativity is a major plus. I enjoy creating stories that resonate with readers. As a writer I feel as if I owe the masses a great story that’s both entertaining and educational. I take that charge very seriously.

JF: Who do you think uses social media more?  Single people or married people?
PT: I think it’s hard to tell. Social media sites are quickly becoming part of our fabric both personally and professionally. 

PT: You can’t expect a writer to give away all of her secrets… let’s just say mostly everything I write is inspired by real and actual events. And no, I do not write about my own personal experiences. I simply have a very active imagination—that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

JF: Pat, thanks for the interview, what’s next for you, and where can readers connect with you and learn more about your work?

PT: Jason, the pleasure was all mine! My next book Sideline Scandals drops Sept. 2013. It focuses on members of the Football Widows Social Club. Sasha Davenport (Football Widows) wants her own reality TV show, but first she needs the right super athlete husband. She sees nothing wrong with pursuing one who’s already taken, despite the fact that he’s married to one of the club members. Readers can learn more about me at my website and I’m on Facebook. I also write under the pen name PL Wilson. Please follow me on twitter @authorpattucker

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Walter Mosley 'Little Green' Book Contest!

It seems that people like simple contests, so I'll make this one simple.  The winner of this contest will receive an advanced readers copy of Walter Mosley's new book 'Little Green'. Here is how you enter:


- Take a picture of you holding your favorite Walter Mosley book. The picture may have other people in it, however the person entering the contest MUST be in the picture.
- Choose a number between 1 and 1,000. 

- The person closest to the number I've chosen, wins! 

- That's it! 

- Send the picture and your number choice to me,  You must do both. 

- I will take the pictures, put them in a collage, and send it to Walter Mosley and his people. (Yes, I got it like that). I will also post the picture collage on FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr. 

- If you are the winner and you do not live in Bakersfield, CA you will need to provide me with your address. 

- Only one entry per person/per eMail. Duplicate pictures from different eMails will be ignored and I will clown you like Bozo. 

- All entries must be in by 12:00 AM, May 7th, 2013. Book(s) will be mailed the day after. 

- The winner will be posted a few days after the contest on this blog and my respective social sites. 

- In the event of a tie I'll scream!  No, in the event of a tie the winners will each receive a copy of the book. 

- Any questions or comments please send them to