Tuesday, April 16, 2013

'Interview with Pat Tucker'

A conversation with Author Pat Tucker… the author of A Social Affair… the new book about people who hate their real lives so much that they turn to Facebook and create the ones they’ve always wanted.

About Pat: Pat Tucker is a sexy, but imperfect, author who fully embraces all of her quirks. Regardless of whether I can call myself sexy… I just did! I have a dry sense of humor and I enjoy making up stories about other people. You can learn more about me at www.authorpattucker.com 

JF: What do you think the main reason is people create an online persona?
PT: I think people create an online persona as a way to meet other people, connect with old friends and escape from their everyday life. When used properly, I think social media sites can enhance our lives. It’s when people use it for bad that creates problems. Social media sites don’t make people do wrong, or force people to do things they’d never do, the access simply makes it easier.

JF: Can creating an online persona be healthy for people?
PT: The jury is still out on whether an online persona can be healthy for people. I think it depends on the person and their intent. If the person is up to no good, then that persona will most likely not be a good thing. But in cases where the elderly who are alone, or people who are unable to move around and socialize in person, that may be healthy. It all depends on the person and their intent.

JF: What was it like writing with Earl Sewell? 
PT: The collaboration with Earl Sewell was lots of fun, he didn’t know what hit him! It was great to write with a partner who had no idea what to expect. Working together pushed us both as authors and allowed us to encourage each other to do a great job.  But let the record reflect, I chose him, despite what he says now!

JF: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?
PT: There isn’t any one thing I enjoy most about being a writer. I think having a release for my creativity is a major plus. I enjoy creating stories that resonate with readers. As a writer I feel as if I owe the masses a great story that’s both entertaining and educational. I take that charge very seriously.

JF: Who do you think uses social media more?  Single people or married people?
PT: I think it’s hard to tell. Social media sites are quickly becoming part of our fabric both personally and professionally. 

PT: You can’t expect a writer to give away all of her secrets… let’s just say mostly everything I write is inspired by real and actual events. And no, I do not write about my own personal experiences. I simply have a very active imagination—that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

JF: Pat, thanks for the interview, what’s next for you, and where can readers connect with you and learn more about your work?

PT: Jason, the pleasure was all mine! My next book Sideline Scandals drops Sept. 2013. It focuses on members of the Football Widows Social Club. Sasha Davenport (Football Widows) wants her own reality TV show, but first she needs the right super athlete husband. She sees nothing wrong with pursuing one who’s already taken, despite the fact that he’s married to one of the club members. Readers can learn more about me at my website www.authorpattucker.com and I’m on Facebook. I also write under the pen name PL Wilson. Please follow me on twitter @authorpattucker

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