Thursday, May 23, 2013

'One Night Stand' by Allison Hobbs and Daaimah S. Poole

I admit it; I’m an impulse book buyer.  When Allison Hobbs posted on her FaceBook site that her and Daaimah S. Poole had published this book, it took me all of two minutes to buy it.  Why so long?  Because, I was looking to purchase this book from someplace other than Amazon… long story.  I started this book last night, finished it this evening, and now I get to tell you about it.

 I think I’ve gotten to the point where I just expect the women in Allison’s book to be just plain bat crazy!  This one is no different!  I can’t even be nice y’all, Shana is stupid.  Stupid, blind, and delusional.  One of the funniest moments in this book comes early when her man, Rome, actually tries to explain to her what “KH” stands for.  I honestly had to go back and reread that because I thought “no one could be this damn stupid”.  But, I was wrong.  Lord help this child.

Now to be fair, Rome isn’t an Ivy League graduate either.  BUT if your woman is a dunce then you’re going to take full advantage of her dunce-ness.  And Rome does.  OK the story: As I mentioned earlier Shana has a loser-idiot for a boyfriend.  However, in spite of this she is still giving their relationship the good ‘ole college try.  The problem is that Rome is giving the co-eds a little college try!  So to get back at him Shana takes a little walk on the wild side herself.  Unfortunately in her wild side travels she comes across a dude named Amir. 

I looked it up on Wikipedia and ‘Amir’ in Latin stands for “is this negro crazy”?!  Now I’ve had some good-good that has made me do, say, think, and imagine some crazy stuff.  But nothing like Legion’s little brother here.  Most one-night stands are harmless, but what happens when you have one where the other person doesn’t want to let go?  Allison and Daaimah tell you.  This is a short story that is not short on drama, sex, craziness.  I really enjoy short stories like this one because they seem to show up (for me at least) at just the right moment.  I had just finished ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown and I needed something fun and sexual to unwind my brain from all the Italian and code breaking.

They both say they have more stories… so let’s get with it!!  Good job ladies.  

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