Saturday, May 25, 2013

'Hannibal: The Patrol' by Ben Kane

The good news; Ben Kane is a very good writer.  The bad news; Ben Kane lives in the U.K.  Having to wait and extra four to five months for the book release is about as fun as listening to any Kardashian talk.  The first book in this series is called ‘Hannibal: Enemy of Rome’ and it was released stateside February 27th 2012.  This ‘Hannibal’ short story was released May 16th, 2013.  The second book, ‘Hannibal: Fields of Blood’ comes out September 24th, 2013.  Whoever said “patience is a virtue” certainly wasn’t a book lover.

So if you haven’t read the first ‘Hannibal’ book I would suggest you do so.  If not you might feel a little lost when you read this short story.  ‘Hannibal: Enemy of Rome’ is a full-fledged novel that is an absolute bloody, brutal thrill to read.  ‘Hannibal: The Patrol’ is a small appetizer meant to give us something to munch on while we wait for ‘Fields of Blood’.  This short story is basically a small adventure of Hanno and Mutt as they make their way to Victumulae.  You know, before they rape, murder, and pillage the place.   

Ben also gives us the first chapter of ‘Hannibal: Fields of Blood’ with this short story, so that’s a nice treat.  But I didn’t read it.  Getting teased twice in two days is not fun.  Reading this short story was anticipation torture enough.  Reading the first chapter of a book that won’t be out until September is like Zoe Saldana pulling me in for a kiss and then saying “just kidding, I don’t kiss Jeep lovers”!  Or… something like that.

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