Tuesday, July 23, 2013

'Arena: Champion' by Simon Scarrow

Everything has lead up to this.  The blood baths in the arena, the relentless treachery of the lubricous talking Greeks, the unrepentant training regiments, and the exhausting emotional strain all come to a head in ‘Arena: Champion’

Pavo finally gets to fight Hermes to avenge his father’s death, but it doesn’t go at all like you (or I imagined).  For the first time since I started reading this eBook series I actually got mad at Pavo.  Yeah… there were certain names that I called him that I couldn’t say here and that would probably be banned even in a sailor’s dictionary. 

Of course, if you saw the concrete-man that Hermes was, if you saw what he did to a fellow gladiator during a practice session, then if you were on the wrong end of a marketplace brawl, you might say a few curses as well.  While I was eager to see Pavo vs. Hermes, I was also eager to see if the wretched Greeks would get their come uppins’. 

I of course won’t tell you how things turn out, but you can trust that just because this is the last eBook in this series, the action, nor treachery slows down.  It’s been one heck of a ride and even though we knew a “real” book was going to come out that combined all of these, it was still nice to have something to look forward to reading every two months. 

Now… I’m ready for his next one.

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