Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'Chocolate Flava 4: Busy Bodies' edited by Zane

OK, here's a joke:  what's the difference between a July day in Aiken, SC, hell, a five-alarm fire, and a Zane anthology?  The answer: not one damn thang!  Zane brings us twenty-five (twenty-six including hers) short stories of sweaty, sticky, undulating, uninhibited sex.  The eroticism of their written words is surpassed only by the images they inspire.  These short stories are nothing of the sort because you'll need to factor in day-dreaming time and... stress releasing time. (Oh hush, you freaks know what I mean.)

Here are some of my favorites:

'Doing Bris' by R.W. Shannon - great opening (no jokes here please) to this collection and this short story had nothing to do with the dude being named Jason.

'Prime Piece of Property' by Nadia - selling houses should always be this fun.

'After Dark' by Niyah Moore - this was a good short story, but it didn't make my list because of the story. It made my list because of the last paragraph and one sentence.  I NEVER saw that coming, but when I went back and reread the story I saw the subtle clues and hints. I like how writers can do that. They cause you to miss something on the first pass but on the second or third read you're like "oh... damn..."  Good one Niyah.

'So Much for Rules' by W. Biddle Street - The girl in this one had me cracking up!!   I enjoy when an author can blend sex and humor.

'Hard Times' by Lynn Lake - my absolute FAVORITE story in this collection.  Let me say that again, my. absolute. favorite. story. in. this. collection. Wanton, lusty, naughty, pick one. You could literally feel the need and experience the shiver of release from these two.  Somebody find Lynn Lake for me and buy her (?) a beer.

'Dirty' by Carla S. Pennington - another funny sexy one. Especially the comment about the Magnum condom.

'Shadow Dancer' by Landon Dixon - all I can say about this one is "be careful what you wish for".

'Intimate Strangers' by Michelle Janine Robinson - if the mile-high club was an actual club, these two would be the founding members.

'Coosawhatchie' by Zane - As usual Zane closes out her collection of literary hedonism with one of her own. I was happy to see that she represented my home state of South Carolina, but damned if I knew where Coosawhatchie is. And yes, it is a town because Goole Maps said so.  The story; country girl meets city orgasm. I will always remember my first experience with a Zane book. It was 'Nervous', and I was browsing the table, saw the cover, picked it up, read a few chapters, and burst out laughing right there in the bookstore. I'm glad to see that magic is still there.

We always hear about the hot summer movie but never about the hot summer book. 

Consider that oversight corrected.

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