Friday, July 19, 2013

'Con Law' by Mark Gimenez

This is another book that “slipped” by me.  What’s that make… three this year?  Either I need to start paying better attention to my authors or they need to send me a personal invitation when their next book comes out.  A post-it note on a $100 bill pasted under the windshield wiper of a new Jeep Rubicon will do.  In case… you know… you ever get that itch.

Mark Gimenez, Mark Gimenez, Mark Gimenez.  Say his name three times while looking into a mirror and his books will magically appear on your bookshelf.  I recommend Mark to all of my book reading friends as well as other authors because his books read like he’s sitting next to you while you’re in bed reading you a night time story.  (Sorry if that’s a little creepy but I trust you understand what I mean). 

This time out Mark takes us to the sprawling metropolis of Marfa, TX. Never heard of this place until this book but it’s certainly a place I want to visit now.  I read this story as an eBook so it was easy to switch between the story and Google Maps to view the concrete boxes as well as the other small towns mentioned.  Trust me… you’ll want to do the same. 

While Marfa, TX is the setting in which the store revolves the character that adds personality is a guy by the name of John Bookman, or ‘Book’ for short.  Book teaches constitutional law and is a lawyer with a unique gift.  Every once in a while he takes a case that is a lost cause and does what he can.  One of these lost causes takes him and his intern to west Texas.  It takes a bold writer to combine oil, gas, fracking, minimalist art, New York City, roughnecks, Moonpies, a Harley, and concrete.  But Mark does and somehow… it works. 

Book, along with his very attractive intern (insert joke here) has been summoned to Marfa, TX because of a former intern and the accusations he levels on his employer.  However, this is Texas, and Texas means big oil, big gas, big egos and BIG money.  You mess with any of that and you’re looking for a big ass whoopin.  This story has the usual “Gimenez Touch”; funny one-liners, wonderful dialogue between the characters (Mr. Stanton & Ms. Garza), and a healthy dose of the law.  There was one rare slow part in this book however.  When Mark was explaining ‘fracking.’  OMG!!  I thought I had fallen into the Twilight Zone.  I understand the reasoning for it but… DAMN!  I felt like Nadine there for a few seconds.  It happens only a few times, and once you get through it you’re off and running again.

I’m also happy to see that this will be a series.  I’d imagine there are a million and one stories involving Book, the grand state of Texas, and the revolving door of interns.  Yeah… them.  I was a little put off that Book kept telling so many “no”.  What’s up with that?  Smart, famous, accomplished, handsome, surrounded by Texas senoritas?! … dude… use what you got!!! 

Ah well… the musings of a reader.  Another job well done Mark.  Another job well done.

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