Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'No Boundaries' by Allison Hobbs

Now THIS was a fun Allison Hobbs book!  Plenty of searing sex, twisted situations that border between illegal and uncomfortable, and a interesting story line.  That idiotic Amazon write-up doesnt do this book justice at all.  When you read this book youll be taken by the back-story that Allison has woven in here and THAT is the true meat to this tale. 

Fonia, as a little girl, witnesses her mom carry on a relationship with a man named Mr. Lord.  Mr. Lord loves to control women and Mr. Lord loves to control little girls.  He controls women with sex, and he controls little girls with manipulation.  The crazy part is these little girls have to grow up and they grow up with this devil.  A few years ago there were a ton of jokes about that sick-o Woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter because he was pretty much just growing pussy in his house.  Thats kinda how I felt about Mr. Lord.

But lets back up a bit this book starts out crazy hot!  Brother in shower, hotel room, horny maid, you do the math.  Allison wastes no time grabbing your attention and youll waste no time grabbing um other things.  Jaguar is a playboy and really enjoys the company of women.  They, in turn, enjoy his.  His sexual exploits alone make this book worthwhile but what would be the fun if we didnt read about the women?  They love him and his magic stick and are more than willing to give me anything he wants anywhere he wants.  (Some guys have all the luck). 

Getting back to Fonia; she is a woman who, buy no fault of her own, has the self esteem of one-legged bald-headed woman with sharp teeth and one eye.  Her life isnt her and she has her mother and Mr. Lord to thank for that.  Over the years things happen that mold Fonia into something else.  And as crazy as this may sounds, I really enjoyed reading about the other Fonia. The other Fonia is someone I wish I could meet while Im washing my Jeep or making a buffalo wing run. 

So you have Jaguar and you have Fonia two sexual souls on a collision course that, when met, might end up with both of them in traction.  One problem: Mr. Lord.

OK, this guy!  I stated before that hes the devil and I meant that.  He does things to Fonia and her mother that will make you feel naughty and immoral just for reading it.  The Bible says raise a child in the way he should go and they will not depart from it.  You got THAT right!  That verse must be Fonias mantra because damn.  However, I dont think God meant for the verse to be used like this.  Witnessing Fonia exploring her sexuality is a tantalizing as Meagan Good wearing well just about anything.    Fiona goes through a few transformations in this story. Some you feel sorry for and some you dream for. 

I really enjoyed this book by Allison and it reminded me of the fun I had during her 'Insatiable' and'Double Dipping' days. She's my girl, she's my friend, and she's one of my favorite authors. 

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  1. Awesome review Jason! You are hilarious! I thoroughly enjoy your reviews of my favorite author, Allison Hobbs....thanks!~v~